Who Will Lead Us? Excerpt

Below is an excerpt from Robert L Dickson’s book: Who will lead us? Australia’s Patriotic Revival.



Media is the collective communication outlets or tools that are used to store and deliver information. It is either associated with communication media or the specialized mass media communication businesses such as: print media and the press, photography, advertising, cinema, broadcasting (radio and television) and publishing.

It has become clear that if the information communicated is continually misrepresented or untrue, or deliberately presented in ways that mislead, then the medium itself becomes corrupt. The truth is simple. It usually makes perfect (or common) sense! Though bizarre things happen in this world, and people are inclined to want to hide the ugly truth, it was originally the role of journalists to ask the right questions in order to deliver the truth. Fiction was for entertainment only.

When criminals, warlords and politicians wanted to hide the truth or influence masses of people, it became useful to own or influence the media or its personalities. For them there was a lot at stake! During wars, the morale of armies and entire nations hinged on telling them what they needed to hear; in fact , not just tell them … convince them! The enemy was trying to convince them of the opposite! It was called propaganda: the original ‘info-wars’!

‘Advertising’ has developed into an art-form or ‘science’, not just to inform you of a product, but to get you to buy it! When an incredibly attractive girl on TV tells you ‘The sun is pink today!’, you nod agreeably. Few people ask, ‘Why?’ Continuous exposure to TV, radio or other forms of ‘news’ and information means we acquire an ‘opinion’ or a mindset on all kinds of issues and their importance, whether we know it or not. Selective presentation of images and information can be entirely misleading; even mind-warping! Seeing is believing; even if edited! We, the people, need to realize we are continually being influenced, led or misled, as long as we are in contact with media … or with others who are! We are in a continuous game of Chinese Whispers!

Globalists and Governments know this. Schemers know this. Marketers know this. Hopefully you know this! The entire media-affected world knows that you act on what you believe or perceive to be the truth, not on the truth itself. To know the truth, you need to see for yourself or at least do your own investigations, consulting a variety of reliable sources, hoping they aren’t all influenced by the same information media. ‘Mass media’ can mean everybody believes the same! All lies?

Because of the media, our prime ministers and executive government spend less time visiting and presenting face-to-face with today’s Australians than a fourth century King spent in the regions! The script-writer prepares, the make-up artist goes to work, the ‘set’ is readied and they record three times. The editors cut out the ear-scratching and nervous twitches, and the celebrity returns to the powder room. It’s quicker than flying around the country, less revealing and ‘confronting’ than seeing and dealing with reality and the Australian people. We’ve grown to accept that. No wonder Australia is in trouble!


The Patriotic Harvest is Ready! The ground is already ploughed, fertilised and watered for patriotic revival in Australia! First by the ANZACS and all the title represents! Then by post-war refugees and immigrants and early Australian leaders who established a cohesive and prosperous Australia! Twenty years ago Pauline Hanson ploughed the ground but was stopped. National patriotic concern has fertilized the ground for decades! Brexit has ploughed and watered the Australian harvest with hope! Pauline Hanson and her One Nation allies showed us the patriotic seed mass is still healthy in 2016! Bob Katter and his Australia Party have ploughed and weeded the field for years. ALA, Nick Folkes, George Christensen, Cory Bernardi and many others have made timely contributions. Now there’s evidence the Australian patriotic revival has sprouted and grown: some in your heart and mind! There are rumours Bernardi will split from the Liberals. The Trump victory in America, over politically-correct, destructive globalism and corruption has swept the deceiving western-world and Australian media into the storm water drain in one final pre-harvest downpour! The truth is prevailing!

This is not an ego trip: this is for Australia and our future! The Australian patriotic movement will need cooperative support and great, unifying vision and leadership! That will be the challenge, and the mission of http://www.patriotic–revival.com.au and all mature Australian patriots.

NOW IS THE TIME FOR AUSTRALIA’S PATRIOTIC LABOURERS TO JOIN THE HARD WORK OF THE HARVEST! No army in the world fought and won like Australians! The love of patriots will have victory! Nothing is “too far gone” with bold patriotic effort. So please … turn your television off, stir up your patriotic Australian passion and join the march to win back our Australia! Yes, YOU … and tell them too! COOEEEE!


NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT than the re-establishment of a responsible Patriotic (Australia-loving) government in Australia very soon! ALL your personal and family goals, hopes and dreams rely on our nation being strong, secure, peaceful, productive and free. Yes, ALL of them! Concerned, caring and patriotic people across Australia are realizing that now, in droves! We’ve realized that ‘resting on the laurels’ of our ANZACS hasn’t worked! Fantasy political philosophies and party-politics have brought Australia to the brink. This is the U-turn where we realize we must regain true patriotic Democracy and involve ourselves responsibly in our country’s Patriotic leadership and future. These are

GREAT DAYS, where unity and mature leadership must rise. Welcome to Australia’s Patriotic Revival! After just over 200 years since colonization, we are about to earn our democracy!

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