Greens spamming Hanson supporters with HATE MAIL

Today ALTCon News received a copy of an email sent to a subscriber of ours.

The unsolicited email was sent to him on behalf of The Greens with the subject: Pauline Hanson is here.

Whilst we will not release our subscribers information aside from his name, Cody. We have provided the name and email address of the sender along with the email.

From: “Rafeif Ismail – Greens W.A.” <>

The email states:

One Nation will have a huge impact on the election. We must not let that happen. After the federal election we saw how quickly Hanson and One Nation can hijack debate, and stoke fear, hate and vitriol. They make the public sphere less safe for many of us.

It’s interesting to note that the only times since the current parliament was elected that debate has been “hijacked”, it has been perpetrated by The Greens and their supporters.

View examples below

In the following video you will see The Greens, lead by Senator Richard Di Natale, walk out of Parliament during Senator Hanson’s maiden speech.

As protesters disrupted Question Time, Senator Di Natale went out to thank and hug the disruptive protesters.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young refuses to apologise for calling Peter Dutton a “racist bigot”

View the email below

Feature image courtesy of Ryan Fletcher (The XYZ) 

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