6/75 Senators voted to freeze their pay for the good of the budget – My message to the rest!

Out of 75 senators, only 6 voted to forego payrises until the federal government brings the budget back into surplus!

The Libs, Labor and Greens showed themselves to be the fat cats we know they are by putting their own salaries ahead of the Australian budget.
Interesting to note that senators and members receive an annual allowance by way of basic salaray – $199,040 from 1 January 2016.

Surely that’s an ample salary?

So you’re probably wondering who the senators were who voted to freeze their pay.. Actually, you’re probably not. It’s quite obvious who the 6 are!

Australian Conservatives Cory Bernardi

Liberal Democrats David Leyonhjelm

One Nation Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Roberts & Brian Burston

Independant Jacqui Lambie

The petulant parasitic puppet Richard Di Natale of The Greens said he was:

“sympathetic to the intent of the proposal but wanted it amended to freeze pay rises until the government was prepared to address inequality in Australia”

In other words he won’t take a pay freeze or heaven forbid a pay cut until the loony left stop crying over spilt milk and “inequality”… 

Well, to Senator Di Natale, your Green and Labor cohorts, the Nick Xenophon Team and the rest of the fat cats in the Liberal Party (who still don’t know what their constituents want!) 

I feel I’d be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to send you a message on behalf of the vast majority of Australians:

Its a simple message because I honestly cant believe that you morons STILL dont get it!


The Australian



One Nation’s WA Test – Disaster or Success?

“One Nation’s result was a disaster” says the media.

“It was a success” say One Nation supporters.

There are clearly two points of views on the recent results of One Nation. The media are spinning it towards a negative point of view whilst One Nation – rightly so – are spruiking it towards a more positive light.

As of Sunday 12th March, One Nation polled 4.7% of the state vote. This, on face value, is a disaster for One Nation considering they were polling around 12% a couple of months ago and that the struggling Greens Party polled 8.5%. On the other hand, six months ago One Nation in WA was nothing but a two-member band, Ron Mclean and Marye Louise Daniels were running the show with the Party going on a membership drive to get registered. Therefore, if you look at it in this light, last night was a success for One Nation.

One Nation stood 45 candidates in the Lower House (albeit some candidates had resigned or were dis-endorsed) and ran candidates in the upper house. Their results in 2017 compared to the last time they were successful – in 2001 – was dismal. In 2001, One Nation gained 9.58% of the state primary vote. The difference then compared to now is that One Nation was an established party. They had a proper State Executive with active local branches being able to assist their candidates on the campaign trail and to assist on election day. The other factor is pre-poll was not around back then, therefore you wouldn’t lose votes if you had limited number of volunteers prior to election day. Preference deals were not an issue in 2001 as both major political parties pledged to put One Nation last therefore One Nation had a split How to Vote Card. That is, on one side they preferenced Labor and on the other side the Liberals, this put the onus back onto the voter.

Finally, they had more candidates in the lower house and they seemed very disciplined compared to 2017. In 2001, despite gaining 9.58%, One Nation was only able to achieve three upper house seats: one for the Agricultural Region (Frank Hough – who was the State Director at the time); one for Mining and Pastoral Region (John Fischer – who was the National Vice President and Leader of WA One Nation) and one in the Southwest Region (Paddy Embry). If you look at Hansard these three members of One Nation were an asset, however, due to infighting in 2002/03 they were forced to resign from One Nation and went separate ways. Subsequently all three lost their seats in 2004.

Frank Hough, John Fischer, Paddy Embry

West Australians won’t get the results for the Legislative Council for at least another week however to date (12/03/2017) One Nation has received approximately 7.10% of the primary vote in the Legislative Council compared to 9.88% they received in 2001. Despite the decrease of support since 2001, they have outpolled their regional foes – WA Nationals – who have received 4.17%.

These results are promising for One Nation and depending on preferences they could gain three upper house MPs. I predict a repeat of 2001 with the possibility of holding the balance of power.

All in all, it’s not all bad news. Mainstream media hyped the One Nation phenomenon which gave a lot of people false hope. The matter of fact is, One Nation was never going to do as good as what we all though due to:

Poor organisational structure.

Poor choice of candidates.

Lack of volunteers.

Limited time constraints.

Different electoral procedures such as pre-poll.

In essence it is a blessing in disguise that One Nation was unable to get a large number of people elected into Parliament. As the Queensland Liberal National Party and Country Liberal Party in Northern Territory experienced that if you have a large number of members elected into Parliament it is harder for the Party to maintain discipline.

Whatever the number of successful members One Nation is able to get into the Legislative Council their focus should be on party structure and how to engage the membership so that they remain motivated. Next WA State Election will be the real test for One Nation.

End The Division – Why The Right Must Unite

Yesterday, during the first day of Parliament for the year, now former-Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi defected from the party he had once been the South Australian President of, in favour of starting his own political party, Australian Conservatives.

Make no mistake! Regardless of what the media tell you, or what the politically uninformed would have you believe, this is the best move for Bernardi! This is the best move for conservatives and this will be looked back upon as one of the best moves for Australian politics.

The right-wing of Australian politics has been divided for too long, votes being split across tens of parties, many of whom failed to regularly receive the necessary number of votes to qualify for parliamentary seats.

At the 2016 election, Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party “shocked” those on the left and those in the media who had clearly not been paying attention to the voters and the political climate they found themselves in. The Brexit vote had just passed, pleasing the silent majority and paving the way for a wave of traditionalist, conservative, right-wing values to rush on in and smash those on left attempting to bring about the decline of Western Civilization, Western Values and Western Traditions in an attempt to push their Cultural Marxist agenda and usher in a socialist’s dream of destruction and decadence.

Donald Trump went on to once again “shock” the mainstream leftist media and those who following Brexit and One Nations rebirth still hadn’t worked out what was happening!

Now, British PM Theresa May is pushing the will of the people.

US President Donald Trump is pushing the will of the people.

BUT, back home Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had lead the once conservative Liberal Party so far to the left that they would be indivisible from The Labor Party, had the Labor Party not rushed to meet the Greens, who in turn don’t even pretend to be Green anymore and are proudly wearing their Red shirts and all but proclaiming the destruction of Australia as we know it to reign in a communist regime.


With options such as these, the right has no choice but to unite of common values for the good of the country.


Now the right are in a position with a handful of Liberal and Nationals MP’s, along with Senate crossbenchers One Nation and now Cory Bernardi to not only push the wishes of the people, but to hold strong try to protect the Australian public from ridiculous notions the Greens would attempt to pass through Parliament. We are in a position to see One Nation pick up enough seats in the upcoming Queensland and Western Australian state elections to not just “shock” the leftist mainstream media, but also “shock” many of their supporters and members.

So whats the problem? Where’s the lack of unity you might ask?

Today alone, across social media Nationals supporters, Liberal supporters, One Nation supporters and now Cory Bernardi supporters bickered, the positioned themselves with one party and against another, these attitudes don’t help the party they support, they don’t help the movement and they dont help the concerns they have and causes they want stood up for.

A prime example is the numerous “conservative” Liberal and Nationals supporters condemning Bernardi for stating

For many years I have warned of the consequences of ignoring the clear signs. I have spoken of the need to restore faith in our political system and to put principle back into politics. I regret that too often these warnings have been lost on those who needed to hear them most.

 It really is time for a better way; a conservative way.

and subsequently going out on his own. “Conservatives” who dismissed the likes of George Christensen and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott for staying with The Nationals and Liberals rather than defecting aswell alongside their conservative colleague. Or the number of One Nation supporters whom condemned Bernardi and his supporters for wanting to steal a slice of One Nation’s pie… Now this notion is one that really irritates me, if you support Pauline Hanson, LISTEN TO HER! 

Pauline herself stated on 2GB Radio

“I have a lot of respect for Cory, “ she said. “I’d love to work with him or join forces. If Cory wants to take over [One Nation] so be it but at the end of the day it has got to be on the issues that I want to fight for the people.”

Following Bernardi’s move Pauline did not show angst, she did not direct anger towards Bernardi, she shook his hand and they smiled.

Senator Pauline Hanson shakes hands with recently liberated Senator Cory Bernardi following his speech to the senate addressing his defection from the Liberal Party.

While One Nation will look to seat MP’s in QLD and WA at their next elections, you can bet that once Bernardi grows his party he won’t. I believe they will assist each other and look to win seats in separate states, and in those states they both front possible MP’s for, they wont have them stand against each other. They will remain separate entities yet work alongside each other and not look to steal votes from one another.

We can have more than one party on the right and benefit from it such as the Liberal and National parties have, by working together towards a common goal.

This is the a brilliant time for the right!

Those looking at it as Bernardi vs One Nation vs the conservative voices of the Liberals and Nationals truly haven’t looked at the bigger picture before us. If we fail to stand united and listen to what we are being told, the left will pick off seat after seat and we will be left wondering where we went wrong and how our country was systematically dismantled piece by piece under our noses.

The most important part of this journey is coming to terms with the realisation that we are stronger together and that IT’S TIME FOR THE RIGHT TO UNITE!

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VOTE NOW The Best & Worst Aussie Moment of 2016


Clips of the best moments:

Clips of the worst moments:

Greens spamming Hanson supporters with HATE MAIL

Today ALTCon News received a copy of an email sent to a subscriber of ours.

The unsolicited email was sent to him on behalf of The Greens with the subject: Pauline Hanson is here.

Whilst we will not release our subscribers information aside from his name, Cody. We have provided the name and email address of the sender along with the email.

From: “Rafeif Ismail – Greens W.A.” <action@greensmps.org.au>

The email states:

One Nation will have a huge impact on the election. We must not let that happen. After the federal election we saw how quickly Hanson and One Nation can hijack debate, and stoke fear, hate and vitriol. They make the public sphere less safe for many of us.

It’s interesting to note that the only times since the current parliament was elected that debate has been “hijacked”, it has been perpetrated by The Greens and their supporters.

View examples below

In the following video you will see The Greens, lead by Senator Richard Di Natale, walk out of Parliament during Senator Hanson’s maiden speech.

As protesters disrupted Question Time, Senator Di Natale went out to thank and hug the disruptive protesters.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young refuses to apologise for calling Peter Dutton a “racist bigot”

View the email below

Feature image courtesy of Ryan Fletcher (The XYZ) 

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