Voters turn on Turnbull as his 19,000 new refugee’s plan to turn on voters!

December has been a wild month for Malcolm Turnbull and those clinging to his coat-tails!

Whilst his support from our pensioners is dropping at an exponential rate there is one graph attached to his name that is soaring, the amount of refugee’s he plans on bringing here. 19,000 to be precise. But hey it’s not like we’ve encountered any problems with our last few batches of multiculturalism..

Oh wait! Here are some recent headlines:

I think you get the picture..

Unfortunately after weeks months years of headlines such as these the left-wing mainstream media refuses to address the underlying issue and only a few of these atrocities received the mass media coverage they all deserved. But of course.. How could we possibly expect to see mass coverage of each of these stories when the mainstream media are busy vilifying patriots:

Malcolm Turnbull’s approval ratings are currently lower than Tony Abbott’s were when Turnbull initiated his coup and took over as leader of the Liberal Party, and yet even though he cited polling numbers as the reasoning behind his power-grab, we’re yet to see him taste the humble pie.

Over 8500 voters were polled in Newspoll surveys conducted by The Australian between October and December, finding a 7% nosedive in primary vote confidence for the Coalition among voters over the age of 50, and its no wonder! Turnbull’s planned pension cuts will negatively impact the lives of many of the pensioners who have worked their entire lives for this country, bled for this country, they’ve built this country and who will benefit from their stolen pension? You guessed it, Turnbull’s new welfare-dependant refugees rape-thugs!

I believe that any “refugee” who commits a single crime in this country in their first 5 years here should be instantly deported! Sure there are legitimate refugee’s who need a safe haven, but they aren’t travelling through 10 safe countries to make sure they arrive at the one who will give them the most money for nothing and they sure aren’t the ones out stabbing our cyclists!
Charity starts at home and as long as we have a single citizen homeless and hungry we should not send a single cent overseas in aid and nor should we take in a single refugee. It’s about time we put our own god damn citizens first! We sure as hell aren’t receiving any 100 million dollar aid donations from Indonesia (even though our governments seem obsessed with sending them the to our “peaceful neighbours to the north”…

Patriots have had enough, our voices are being heard and there are politicians who are heading our calls. In 2017 these patriotic pollies are primed to take charge and begin the process of taking back our country from those who wish to destroy it!

Follow this link to read about one such patriotic pollie who is primed for a big 2017: Will Cory Bernardi lead the Australian Majority to victory?

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Western Patriotism vs Muslims who beat woman to death after false accusation


The woman is beaten, stoned, kicked, pummeled and then finally burned to death, her crime? She was FALSLY accused of burning the Quran!

The billions of dollars spent by the US, Australia, Canada and Europe trying to institute rational law over Sharia law has been a clueless and quixotic endeavor, which has only resulted in money and arms being distributed amongst those who would rather see the West burn.. We should not spend a single cent on any country that abides by the vile Sharia Law!

The New York Times (NYT) reports that “justice has been flawed after an Afghan mob savagely killed Farkhunda Malikzada, a 27-year-old aspiring student of Islam, in March.”

“The more devout the Muslim country is, the more brutal and bloodthirsty it is. Watch how the mob grows especially with the call to Muslim prayers.”

There is a reason that there is a movement taking place across every single Western country as they move towards their democratic elections. The people are fed up with the globalist lies we have been fed about Islam and Multiculturalism.

Patriots are supporting each other and unlike traditional patriotism focused on Isolation, this modern patriotic movement extends in the sense that the Australian patriots wanted to see the American patriots succeed in electing Donald Trump, the Dutch patriots wanted to see the British patriots succeed in voting for Brexit and the German patriots wish to see the French patriots succeed and elect Marine Le Pen of Front National Party in their election, in 2017.

We patriots wish not to see our own countries prosper whilst others fail.. We wish to see all Western countries prosper yet focus on their own people. Charity starts at home and we need to look after our own citizens before we virtue signal to the globalist elite and put our citizens at risk of horrific crimes such as that witnessed in this video!