Daniel Andrews’ Victorian Police are now segregating men and women to be Sharia compliant


The Victorian Police information poster.

The Victorian Police now how no choice but to appease Islam and are conducting Sharia Law compliant male and female SEGREGATION at the information sessions that have been designed as a way to combat the escalating crime waves appearing all over the state by African and Muslim immigrants.
Whilst the “Women’s” marchers parade around spouting they want the equality (THAT THEY ALREADY HAVE), their beloved left-wing Labor Government is doing everything they can to take away these women’s right!

But who gets the blame? 

  • Not the migrants who want the segregation.
  • Not the left-wing elected officials organising the segregation.
  • Not the mainstream media that ignores the segregation.

It’s the conservatives who find this type of blatant oppression abhorrent who get the blame!

It’s the REAL feminists who actually give a fuck about women, women’s right and TRUE EQUALITY who get the blame!

It’s the democratically elected President of a country on the otherside of the planet who gets the blame!

Cultural Marxism is leading the holier-than-thou, “morally just”, left-wing, social justice warrior “activists” to a tipping point. On one side you have the oppressive culture YOU WERE LUCKY ENOUGH NOT TO BE BORN INTO and on the otherside you have the civilised Western culture you were born into, you know the one that has allowed you an education, freedom of speech and EQUALITY OF THE SEXES!

Make no mistake, the Conservatives, the Alt-Right and the traditionally Liberal, hard working members of our society have had enough of your bullshit appeasement and when the oppressive, violent, thugs you have filled out streets with turn on you and show you the true meaning of the words: oppression and misogyny, you will get no sympathy from us.


Sourced from the Eyewatch Wyndam Police Facebook Page.

Feature image was not taken in Victoria and has been used to demonstrate the type of segregation that’s these actions lead to.

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Daniel Andrews Is A MARXIST MORON

Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews is the prototypical cultural Marxist moron with an ounce of power! 

The Victorian Premier has time and time again proven his disconnect with the average Victorian through his elitist virtue signaling that has only been appealing to the safe-space loving, white man hating, new gender pretending, Christian blaming, “moral high-ground” taking, green haired LOSERS that regularly rally behind issues such as:

Daniel Andrews about to say something ridiculously moronic on the public stage.

Daniel Andrews has spent the majority of his time as Premier trying to destroy the fundamental moral fibres of society that have been the backbone of the state of Victoria since the days of Ned Kelly.

He has championed the causes of far-left extremists like Roz Ward (who until recently was the aggressive face of the “Safe Schools” Program run out of La Trobe University, Melbourne) and has pressed the “Islam is the religion of peace” narrative, even in the face of attempted terrorism! see. ‘This is an evil act of faith’: Pauline Hanson ‘disgusted’ Premier Daniel Andrews refused to mention Melbourne’s accused Christmas Day terror plotters were MUSLIM Click this link to watch him distance the “Religion of Peace” from would be Islamic terrorists who had planned 3 bomb attacks in Melbourne and to then go on stabbing rampages in the name of Allah and the hate-filled Islamic Mein Kampf, The Quran.

This week, once again he has come under fire for his narcissistic behaviour that has lead him to ask the High Court to block a proposed inquiry into Labor MP’s misusing taxpayer-funded allowances during the 2014 Victorian state election. Because NOTHING says I stand against corruption like attempting to block a court case relating to his own corruption! see. Victorian premier Daniel Andrews asks High Court to block inquiry into MPs’ rorts.

“Dictator Dan” (as he is referred to by Victorian MP Bernie Finn) has virtue signalled on the public stage on the topic of same-sex marriage. After the plebiscite (that the Federal Labor and Greens MP’s blocked from being passed through parliament) failed to take place, which would have given the Australian people a say on the matter, he published a copy of a letter that he emailed to PM Malcolm Turnbull on Twitter, in an attempt to say “Look at me, look how progressive I am” to his supporters moronic inner-city fanatics and has gone on to defy the ruling of the Federal government and stated:

“We have a proud history in this state of changing the law, and trying to be the progressive capital of our nation and that is not going to change … this plebiscite will hurt people. It will legitimise a hateful debate which will subject LGBTI Australians to publicly-funded slurs and denigration, further alienating a proud community who have fought so hard against prejudice for so long … In Victoria equality is not negotiable. On behalf of my state, I urge you to accept there is no need for a costly and divisive plebiscite and agree to produce a bipartisan Bill to amend the Marriage Act within the next 100 days … We will see bigotry and prejudice like never before!”

Daniel Andrews virtue signalling to his rabid followers. Click the image to read his “letter” to PM Malcolm Turnbull.

CFA volunteers protesting Daniel Andrews push to enforce union control over their organisation.

Showing his disconnect with the hard-working Australian silent-majority and his blatant contempt for the hierarchy of Australian government, he went on to once again defy PM Malcolm Turnbull and indicated that he would go forward with radical plans to unionize the Victorian volunteer Country Fire Authority, a plan which the volunteers and federal government opposed which would give the hostile state firefighters union control over the CFA. see. Vic Premier Daniel Andrews slams Malcolm Turnbull for politicising CFA dispute to further read about this issue.

Apex gang members clash with police at a riot in Melbourne’s CBD.

Whether he is defending Islam, appeasing radical Marxist rioters, “mansplaining” to rabid feminazi’s, replacing reliable power sources with unreliable green dreams, propagating for legalized assisted suicide (see.Legal euthanasia nears as Victorian Labor and Liberal MPs unite) or denying the problem Victorian citizens are being faced through his celebrated influx of refugees (The violent Apex gang) see:

He has shown not only the people of Victoria, but the people of Australia that he is not fit for public office!

Daniel Andrews is doing nothing to further his state in the fields of safety or prosperity, and at the next Victorian state election, current polling shows that thankfully, the majority of Victorians are fed up with this Marxist and will not be gifting him another term in office!

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