A Snowflake’s Chance In Hell; Excerpt



Fix the causes!

First, give us real, moral leaders! Close the ‘Family Court’! Men are

not the enemy, and we never were! We are sick of the lies! Let men be

freely productive! Let them lead. Let them have a say! They’ve been overridden

by bureaucracy and distant political decisions in which they’ve had

no say! Fuelled by availability of drugs and alcohol, Domestic Violence is

their bottled-up frustration at the state of their lives, their community and

their nation! The real challenge is to ensure the ‘authorities’ and leaders do

their job providing opportunity and healthy family living conditions. Lead

properly and with real justice, not as in this currently distorted modern

culture. If domestic violence is increasing, try looking at the pressures on

family life created by government policies, the cost of living, unemployment,

the undermining of respect and male authority, feminism, easy divorce,

unfaithfulness, alcoholism, drugs, and so on. What are the leaders

doing about these things?

We now see so many social issues tormenting Australia. We are prevented

from dealing with the cause. We don’t know why the law was

changed, we don’t know why preference or permission was given. We

understand someone’s ‘right’ was given favour over their responsibility,

contrary to natural principles! We aren’t unified enough, influential enough,

or properly represented by our elected ‘representative leaders’ to reverse

the decision. So we wait for lawyers and politicians, but they’ve already

decided, and are busy defending the decision! I get frustrated just writing

about it!

A Snowflake’s Chance in Hell



Here I will enlarge on injustice levelled at Australians. In a minority-driven

political environment, the majority are unjustly treated. Our elected

and entrenched authorities continually push the limits, continually ignoring

or discouraging and intimidating resistance through the media or the courts.

Regarding our courts and legal system; there is a strong case for a Royal

Commission or at least your strong protest, as accountabilities are ignored

or diminished, exposing every Australian to accusation and debilitating litigation.

Now foreign investment-driven globalists are openly defying all

accountability and outcry to destroy major Australian environmental assets.

Two I will mention are the Great Barrier Reef and its coastline, and

gas fracking of our farmland. Protest is strong, but rather than listening to

the Australian people, they let the courts decide on arguments by involving

highly-paid lawyers. Democratic accountability fails. This corruption is

nothing new to the political system. Aussies suffer injustice along with the

Australia we love and want to protect.

Human Injustice

It is my considered and researched opinion that virtually every

adult Australian is just an ‘error of judgement’, a mistake, or an accusation

away from a nasty, lengthy, costly, debilitating court trial. Here,

his character, business, marriage, parental relationships, finances and

reputation will have to survive the court’s ‘legal contest’ and outlast

and out-do lies and theatrics in the eyes of a ‘neutral jury’. For the

novice, it is the most bewildering, demeaning, character-building or

destructive experience imaginable. With ‘changing community standards’

on ‘matters of public interest’, and legislation galore just waiting

for you to trip up, in an unnatural, intimidating environment, the

‘legal system’ is now primed both to defend and to prosecute YOU.

The lawyers, judges, police and media are just waiting for their chance

with you! The only certain ‘winners’ are the lawyers and barristers.

You are NEVER a certain winner in this game.




“In every age there comes a time when a leader must come forward

to meet the needs of the hour. Therefore, there is no potential

leader who does not have the opportunity to make a positive difference

in society.” Winston S. Churchill.

Our New Breed of Leader!

If there is one nation on earth that can turn the tide on its own internationalist

destruction and social decline, it is Australia! However, it will

demand a new breed of charactered, patriotic, accountable LEADERSHIP

… AND unified support! What new breed of leader does Australia

have hiding out there? Your country needs you! We are searching

for you! If ‘Democracy is the supporting of the will of the majority’, then

it is high time Australia won back its democracy! We are on the brink of

disaster over a number of issues, led here by compromised political

leaderships with diminishing accountability and loyalty to the nation and

the will of the Australian people. If ever there was a time to earn our

Democracy, it is now! Across Australia, there is work to do! We need

good, patriotic Australian leaders with the unified, enthusiastic support of

the common-sense, alive Australian majority: both city and country! Don’t

be silent now! Isolated, Down-Under here, we may be allowed to ‘get on

with it’; FREE to restore Australia’s hopes and dreams for Democracy’s


Strong, New Australian Leaders

Leaders have a ‘vision’ or a ‘dream’. They ‘see’ something in the

future and inspire others to make it happen.

Martin Luther King: “I have a dream!”

Lady Astor: “But I can see the combination of the two (men and

women) going forward and making civilization more worthy of the

name of civilization”. Others speak because they have ‘seen’ it.

Winston Churchill: “We will fight on the beaches …. We will never

surrender!” You know they have ‘seen’ it, and so that’s what you believe

and support, and ‘know’, and do!

Good leaders see the need, perceive its nature and potential, and

have ‘vision’ to ignite the ‘spirit’ of the people to get to a better place.

Others deal only with the here and now. The vision guides and directs

what must be done; what they must do, and how they must act. Good

leaders are guided by a set of principles, by wisdom, and by understanding

the circumstances and the needs and aspirations of their people. Good

leaders are guided by hope. They are sustained by belief. ‘Seeing’ what is

possible, they generate unity and support and enthusiasm. Leaders are

often ‘inspirational’ people. Leaders typically endure rejection and scorn

from established, selfish, conservative or visionless people, at least for a

season: sometimes a very long season. However, the vision or dream inside

is like ‘remote control with passion’, and it seemingly will not be

denied or redirected by circumstances, opposition or time. In fact, the

vision and the leader seem to be delayed, despite all circumstances, for

‘an appointed time’. To the leader, the vision seems ‘undeniable’ throughout

time, and directs his life, thinking and actions, often with the help and

support of others; often quietly, but undeniably. Unity and direction, hope

and belief, enthusiasm: all are contagious. They direct actions and decisions

and despite everything … it happens!

Good leaders generate support and unify people. Their movement is

often opposed. They serve the best interests of the people, organisation or

nation they find themselves leading, according to a principled healthy vision.

Mahatma Ghandi is quoted as saying: “First they laugh at you;

then they ignore you; then they fight you; then you win!” He had a


Will someone with good character, experience and maturity, and

positive, realistic, vision please stand up and lead Australia! Australian, if

you have credibility and ability, will you join him or her? Will the Australian

voting public wake up that they must intelligently assess leaders on the

merit of their real character, vision and policies? Many will be ‘politically incorrect’

by media standards if they are to advance Australia Fair! More

than ‘fair’: for Australia it’s urgent, and it’s a matter of survival! Are you in?

A Call To Australia’s Hiding Representative Leaders!

Many of us have been aware for a long, long time that the LAST

place intelligent people want to spend their time is in the ridiculous political

environment, among the untrustworthy personalities who form Australian

‘politics’. That’s the simple fact! We all know that ‘Australian politics’ is

draining and dysfunctional. We resign ourselves to the fact that good people

won’t go there! But if we have a sense of justice and decency, love our

nation and want something worthwhile for ourselves and our children, we

have to! We now realize that if good people don’t start influencing and

directing Australia’s decisions and future, the wonderful country and lifestyle;

even our natural environment, is gone forever! It will be available to nobody!

We can offer help to nobody! We have ‘a snowflake’s chance in

hell’, and that’s nil! Zero! None!

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