The World responds to Syrian strikes by picking sides – Is WW3 Imminent?

CNN has released a potential line-up for what could become WW3 in the fallout of the US strikes on the Syrian airbase.

The information released to the public so far on the initial chemical attack and follow-up Tomahawk strikes by the US has seen not only the world divide, but both Trump supporters and detractors change their stances on the President and his actions.

The majority of the mainstream media have viewed the strikes in a positive light whilst many of Trump’s more vocal supporters have come out in opposition of the military intervention.

One thing is for sure, no one outside of military and political insiders close to the Trump, Putin and Assad camps have 100% of the facts and are basing their opinions on assumptions and the official positions of the governments rather than the complete facts.

US officials and allies described the attack, which saw 59 tomahawk missiles launched from US Navy warships in the Mediterranean Sea, as a one-off that would not lead to further escalation. 

Supporting Syrian Strikes

  • 🇺🇸 USA
  • 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
  • 🇩🇪 Germany
  • 🇦🇺 Australia
  • 🇫🇷 France
  • 🇪🇸 Spain
  • 🇮🇱 Israel
  • 🇨🇦 Canada
  • 🇯🇵 Japan
  • 🇹🇷 Turkey
  • 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia

Against Syrian Strikes

  • 🇸🇾 Syria – Assad Government
  • 🇷🇺 Russia
  • 🇨🇳 China
  • 🇮🇷 Iran

Assured Neutrality​

  • 🇨🇭 Switzerland

For all we know, in 50yrs time we may look back on the Syrian chemical attack in the same way we look back on the assassination of the Archduke of Austria-Este Franz Ferdinand – As the trigger point for a World War.

    Given the choices, I’m sure many would prefer if certain countries were on opposite sides of this potential war. I for one would much prefer if Russia and China were to swap positions with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, but the only hopeful outcome is that this current conflict does not escalate to the point of a third world war.

    Noting sides of WW1 & WW2

    World War 1

      Allies (at one point or another)

      Central Powers

      Neutral countries

    World War 2

    The devastation and number of casualties seen by both sides in each of these wars should be enough to see most people wish for a solution to this conflict that does not result in all out war…


    ISIS doc says women can becomes suicide bombers without husbands’ permission

    Whoever said Islam wasn’t focused on gender equality?

    ISIS social media posted image of a female member holding an AK-47

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Sexual jihad allows women to become suicide bombers “without their male partner’s approval,” according to an article released by the Islamic State Saturday via social media.
    “Those women who married our men can blow themselves up without having their husbands’ consent,” the article said.
    According to the documents, self-described caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the main person in charge of women’s faith. Regional experts believe the new changes came after the militant group’s heavy losses in Iraq and Syria, and this has encouraged them to promote the role of female jihadis.



    ATTN: Greens MP Sarah Hanson-Young, Listen up you self-serving sycophant!

    The Australian people are fed up with your bullshit! Allow me to dissect your pathetic attempt at moral-high grounding to fill your fanatics with the warm fuzzy feelings they crave!


    First off we all know that you could give 2 goddamn shit’s about these two oppressed little girls and you are simply pandering to the partisan, piss-ant, plant-based diet, parasitic patrons of your pathetic politics!

    Secondly you state that:

    “meeting the two gorgeous young girls whose faces on an Australia Day billboard”

    So I guess even you can acknowledge that the girls weren’t featured, just their faces and the oppressive garb their parents forced them to wear for either political purposes, or to oppress them as those in their community find these 2 innocent children to be sexually appealing.

    Addressing the reason that these 2 little girls are being forced to cover up in a country that does not support the oppression of women does not make us racist or sexist, quite the contrary! We, unlike you, believe that regardless of where these little girls have come from, they deserve the same rights as any child in this country and should not be forced to cover up “their shame of being a woman”…

    Thirdly you go on to dribble that:

    “what it means to be Australian; Respect for one another, sharing common values and standing up when others need help”

    Well yes, precisely! Which is at heart the reason why the majority of Australians find you, your politics, your political party, these political stunts and the Islamic religous texts and teachings to be abhorrently appalling!

    “Respect for one another”

    Is something the Islamic faith not only fails to preach, but in fact preaches the opposite: with women being forced to segregate and cover up for fear of beatings or worse (if in Islamic countries stoning to death)! Whilst the Islamic faith and the Australian Islamic communities continue to segregate women, subjugate gays and oppress children as the only means of controlling their paedophilic sexuality, we the Australian people will not respect them, RESPECT IS EARNED, NOT GIVEN!

    “Sharing common values”

    Is what made Australia great! As a multi-ethnic society we have been enriched by the immigration that came to our country and brought people from all across the globe throughout the 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s. People that came here to become Australian. People that wanted to be Australian and have a better life. People that embraced Australian culture and are now the embodiment of the Aussie spirit!

    Your love affair with Islam has blinded you to the fact that a rather large number of Islamic immigrants choose to not share the same common values, in fact quite the opposite, they find our equality of the sexes and equality of sexuality to be vile and beyond reproach!

    “Standing up when others need help”

    Is exactly what Australians of all races and creeds have had to do on multiple occasions following Islamic attacks on innocent lives! The Australian culture is alive and well in the hearts of all true Aussies and has been on full display in the face of radical Islamic terror, terror which you seem perfectly fine importing into our once-peaceful country! see. Greens back rise in refugee intake to 50,000

    Photo courtesy of The Daily Telegraph – Minto Resident’s Sivei Ah Chong and his son Derek knew what to do last year when faced with Islamic terror! Instinct would override safety and heroes would be created.

    I almost wish that those were the only ridiculous quotes that your moronic brain thought up when you decided to upload that photo and statement yesterday, but alas:

    “I told them I was so proud of the Australia they represent”

    Which Australia is that? The Australia that has of late been riddled with Islamic terror attacks and AFP foiled Islamic terror plots? Or simply an Australia where women, gays and children are not equal to men? Do you really support a country who’s values are replaced with misogyny and homophobia?

    See any of the articles below to read more about the:

    “multicultural community that enriches our nation”

    “Trump’s policies have no place in Australia”

    I.. I.. Uh.. REALLY? 

    I understand that you’re longing for a globalist government lead by your puppet master George Soros, but have no fear Senator, we aren’t there yet and contrary to your clear lack of understanding about politics, when the US President signs an executive order in relation to immigration to the United States of America, it only holds power over the states that make up “The United States of America”, of which Australia is not.. But I wouldn’t expect you to fully grasp a concept as indepth and difficult as this!

    By the way Senator, President Trump’s executive order that bans Muslims, ONLY BANS THEM FROM THE COUNTRIES AT WAR WITH THE US, there is no ban in place for citizens of the 5 most populated Islamic countries countries, this is a ban related to War, not ideological beliefs.

    Last but not least you finished with an anecdote about love and peace:

    “Hate is a disease of the heart, the antidote is love, care and empathy – all values of humanity, regardless of race or religion.”

    I, like many other red-blooded Australians truly hope that you’re right! But.. I think to test out your theory we need to transform your words into actions. I’ve gone ahead and begun the necessary actions to book you a one-way flight to Damascus, Syrian Arab Rep. – Damascus International Airport.

    Unlike you, I’m aware that a return flight would be a waste of funds as you would not be returning from your trip of love.. I believe the taxpayers would overall be accepting of you flying first class though, as even a piss-ant such as yourself should have one last moment of happiness.


    Now Senator Hanson-Young, if you happen to stumble upon this article, please don’t hesitate to visit my Contact Us page and we can further discuss your potential trip or any of the nonsense you carried on with in your attempt at grandstanding your tolerance of a barbaric culture.

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    This little ISIS cutie will be welcomed into our countries.. SAY NO TO ISLAMIC REFUGEE’S!


    The left will focus on their feelings and use cute children such as this violent youngster as the face of their pro-refugee campaign!


    These youngsters have been corrupted and brainwashed from their first breath and the left want them in the same school as your children!

    But if you throw some dirt and blood on his face, sit him in an ambulance and tell the world his mum was killed and every lefty on the planet would welcome this brainwashed little monster in their country with open arms!!

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    Palestine calls for “severe consequences” – Indonesia cuts military ties with Australia; Coincidence?

    Our “Peaceful Islamic neighbours to the north”, have suspended all military co-operation with Australia, apparently over “offensive material” that members of their military were exposed to whilst training in Australian SAS base in Perth. This comes just days after the Palestinian representative to Australia, Izzat Abdulhadi called for Islamic nations to sanction Australia and threatened “severe consequences”! see. Cut ABC funding until they support Australia instead of Palestinian terrorists.

    Indonesian Special Forces.

    The move has been reported by Indonesian media outlet, Kompas as due to:

    Indonesian Special Forces instructor took offence to some “laminated material” at the Perth base, Kompas reported. The material was judged to be demeaning to Pancasila, Indonesia’s “ruling philosophy” and the principles on which the state was founded.”All forms of co-operation have been suspended and a broad range of activities would be affected,” Major General Wuryanto said.

    To this writer there is a drawing parallel between the insignificance of the “reason” behind cutting military ties and the call for Islamic nations to “sanction Australia” / give us “severe consequences” after former Prime Minister Tony Abbott called for Australia to cease “aid donations” to Palestine that accumulate to over $40 million per year!

    The mainstream media will fail to draw attention to this in the same way they failed to draw attention to the fact that our nation was threatened by the Palestinian representative.

    To gain any respect from the Australian people, I personally urge Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop to stand their ground and cut our over-zealous foreign aid program with Indonesia to show them that the Australian Military and the Australian people will not be walked over!

    According to the Australian governments Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website, in the 2015 – 16 financial year we gifted Indonesia with approximately $379.1 million and in the 2016 – 17 financial year it is projected that we will gift them $365.7 million in “aid”.

    Indonesia are a member of the G20 and thus the amount of “aid” they receive from Australia EVERY YEAR, is ridiculous!

    The following graphs depict G20 countries.

    We give Indonesia just under $400 million a year in “aid” when they are the 2nd most corrupt ranked nation in the G20!

    It’s also quite interesting to note that Indonesia ranks 8th on the list of wealthiest Asian nations.

    • 1. China: US$21.269 trillion (up 8% from 2015)
    • 3. India: $8.721 trillion (up 9%)
    • 4. Japan: $4.932 trillion (up 1.8%)
    • 8. Indonesia: $3.028 trillion (up 6.3%)
    • 13. South Korea: $1.929 trillion (up 4.1%)
    • 20. Thailand: $1.161 trillion (up 4.6%)
    • 21. Taiwan: $1.125 trillion (up 2.3%)
    • 25. Pakistan: $988.2 billion (up 6.1%)
    • 28. Malaysia: $863.8 billion (up 5.7%)
    • 29. Philippines: $801.9 billion (up 7.8%)
    • 33. Bangladesh: $628.4 billion (up 8.3%)
    • 40. Singapore: $486.9 billion (up 3%)

    For anyone who is unsure why I question the mainstream media’s love of referring to Indonesia as “our peaceful Islamic neighbours to the north” follow these links:

    Indonesian impunity in West Papua. How the killers of a 12 year old girl are treated like heroes by the state.

    Indonesia tries to silence Fiji’s support for West Papua with blood money again


    Indonesian military and police also systematically target any West Papuans campaigning for independence.


    2017 has started off with a Australian political BANG! 

    Between Tony Abbott calling for a common sense approach to Palestinian “aid” and Peter Dutton and Pauline Hanson speaking out about fixing the Australian Citizenship tests and Cory Bernardi and Pauline Hanson discussing a possible political joint venture, it looks as though Australian politics is going to get very interesting in 2017!

    Heres hoping that Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop are finally able to hear the screams of the Australian people and actually put the will of the people above that of their globalist masters before this is our future!


    For more information on Cory Bernardi’s interesting 2017 to come, see. Will Cory Bernardi lead the Australian Majority to victory?

    For more information on Peter Dutton’s citizenship changes, see. Want to Become a Citizen? Integrate! – Dutton Suggests changes to the Citizenship Process

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