Australian Muslim leader calls for murder during Bankstown Hizb ut-Tahrir meeting.

The Australian branch of the ideologically dangerous, Islamic extremists known as Hizb ut-Tahrir have this week at a meeting in Bankstown, Sydney called for the murder of apostates (ex-Muslims).

Hizb ut-Tahrir’s extremist spokesman and probable future terrorist Uthman Badar.

Stephen Johnson of The Daily Mail wrote:

A leader of a hardline Islamist group which campaigns for sharia law says Muslims who leave the religion should be put to death.

Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar was frank when asked about the group’s policy at a forum in Bankstown, in Sydney’s south-west, on Saturday night.

‘The ruling for apostates as such in Islam is clear, that apostates attract capital punishment and we don’t shy away from that,’ Badar said. An apostate is someone who decides to leave Islam. 

His extraordinary admission was exclusively captured on camera by Daily Mail Australia and the matter has now been referred to the Australian Federal Police by Justice Minister Michael Keenan.

Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia removed references to that policy from its website after Alison Bevege, a freelance journalist, successfully sued the group for making her to sit in a women’s-only section at a separate talk in October 2014.

On Saturday night, Ms Bevege held up a printed copy of Hizb ut-Tahrir’s draft constitution in the UK, which was on the group’s Australian website until 2015, and asked about the measure. 

Below is video footage from the event.

Hizb ut-Tahrir is the same Australian extremist group that “feminist Muslim activist” Yassmin Abdel-Magied sought out assistance after lying to the Australian public about the merits of Sharia Law on the ABC’s QandA program, leading to our petition for her statements to be condemned and her to be sacked from the taxpayer funded broadcaster.

You can join 30,000 others in signing the petition here.

Hizb ut-Tahrir is also the same Australian extremist group who in 2015 released a statement refusing to condemn the Charlie Hebdo’s terrorist attacks, instead they chose to criticize the French satire magazine, and described western leaders as criminals and warned the Australian people that insults to Islam would end in violence.

In 2014 Another prominent Hizb ut-Tahrir Australian member, Wassim Doureihi appeared on the ABC’s Lateline with reporter Emma Alberici where he refused multiple times to answer her questions and condemn the actions of ISIS, aswell as refusing to instruct young Australian Muslims to not join ISIS.

See the video below.

ALTCON CONTRIBUTOR Michael Nassar – Twitter: @MichaelNassar8
Is an Australian citizen, born to a traditional Muslim family in Egypt, who is secular and is heavily critical of political Islam and has provided us with a list of his Top 14 plans on how to deal with Islam in Australia.

  1. Revoke Citizenship of Convicted Terrorists.
  2. Charge anyone who incites violence in any shape or form.
  3. Monitor Mosques (with both audio and video surveillance)
  4. Ban the Burqua and Niqab in public places.
  5. NO praying in streets UNDER any circumstances.
  6. NO call for any Islamic prayers outside of mosques (bells, alarms, sirens etc)
  7. Muslim men who father many children to many women SHOULD be punished.
  8. Scrutinize ALL charities and Child Care Centres founded by Muslims and the government to audit these yearly.
  9. NO concessions or special treatments such as days off for any Islamic festivals (such as Ramadan etc)
  10. Monitor Muslims with criminal records as they have higher rates of turning to terrorism.
  11. Segregate jailed terrorists as jail to them is a breeding ground.
  12. Monitor converts to Islam.
  13. STOP the public funding for Islamic schools nation wide.
  14. STOP, minimize and eradicate ALL sorts of foreign funding for any Islamic institutions in Australia and monitor all existing institutions.


The Daily Mail

The Australian


Daniel Andrews’ Victorian Police are now segregating men and women to be Sharia compliant


The Victorian Police information poster.

The Victorian Police now how no choice but to appease Islam and are conducting Sharia Law compliant male and female SEGREGATION at the information sessions that have been designed as a way to combat the escalating crime waves appearing all over the state by African and Muslim immigrants.
Whilst the “Women’s” marchers parade around spouting they want the equality (THAT THEY ALREADY HAVE), their beloved left-wing Labor Government is doing everything they can to take away these women’s right!

But who gets the blame? 

  • Not the migrants who want the segregation.
  • Not the left-wing elected officials organising the segregation.
  • Not the mainstream media that ignores the segregation.

It’s the conservatives who find this type of blatant oppression abhorrent who get the blame!

It’s the REAL feminists who actually give a fuck about women, women’s right and TRUE EQUALITY who get the blame!

It’s the democratically elected President of a country on the otherside of the planet who gets the blame!

Cultural Marxism is leading the holier-than-thou, “morally just”, left-wing, social justice warrior “activists” to a tipping point. On one side you have the oppressive culture YOU WERE LUCKY ENOUGH NOT TO BE BORN INTO and on the otherside you have the civilised Western culture you were born into, you know the one that has allowed you an education, freedom of speech and EQUALITY OF THE SEXES!

Make no mistake, the Conservatives, the Alt-Right and the traditionally Liberal, hard working members of our society have had enough of your bullshit appeasement and when the oppressive, violent, thugs you have filled out streets with turn on you and show you the true meaning of the words: oppression and misogyny, you will get no sympathy from us.


Sourced from the Eyewatch Wyndam Police Facebook Page.

Feature image was not taken in Victoria and has been used to demonstrate the type of segregation that’s these actions lead to.

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ATTN: Greens MP Sarah Hanson-Young, Listen up you self-serving sycophant!

The Australian people are fed up with your bullshit! Allow me to dissect your pathetic attempt at moral-high grounding to fill your fanatics with the warm fuzzy feelings they crave!


First off we all know that you could give 2 goddamn shit’s about these two oppressed little girls and you are simply pandering to the partisan, piss-ant, plant-based diet, parasitic patrons of your pathetic politics!

Secondly you state that:

“meeting the two gorgeous young girls whose faces on an Australia Day billboard”

So I guess even you can acknowledge that the girls weren’t featured, just their faces and the oppressive garb their parents forced them to wear for either political purposes, or to oppress them as those in their community find these 2 innocent children to be sexually appealing.

Addressing the reason that these 2 little girls are being forced to cover up in a country that does not support the oppression of women does not make us racist or sexist, quite the contrary! We, unlike you, believe that regardless of where these little girls have come from, they deserve the same rights as any child in this country and should not be forced to cover up “their shame of being a woman”…

Thirdly you go on to dribble that:

“what it means to be Australian; Respect for one another, sharing common values and standing up when others need help”

Well yes, precisely! Which is at heart the reason why the majority of Australians find you, your politics, your political party, these political stunts and the Islamic religous texts and teachings to be abhorrently appalling!

“Respect for one another”

Is something the Islamic faith not only fails to preach, but in fact preaches the opposite: with women being forced to segregate and cover up for fear of beatings or worse (if in Islamic countries stoning to death)! Whilst the Islamic faith and the Australian Islamic communities continue to segregate women, subjugate gays and oppress children as the only means of controlling their paedophilic sexuality, we the Australian people will not respect them, RESPECT IS EARNED, NOT GIVEN!

“Sharing common values”

Is what made Australia great! As a multi-ethnic society we have been enriched by the immigration that came to our country and brought people from all across the globe throughout the 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s. People that came here to become Australian. People that wanted to be Australian and have a better life. People that embraced Australian culture and are now the embodiment of the Aussie spirit!

Your love affair with Islam has blinded you to the fact that a rather large number of Islamic immigrants choose to not share the same common values, in fact quite the opposite, they find our equality of the sexes and equality of sexuality to be vile and beyond reproach!

“Standing up when others need help”

Is exactly what Australians of all races and creeds have had to do on multiple occasions following Islamic attacks on innocent lives! The Australian culture is alive and well in the hearts of all true Aussies and has been on full display in the face of radical Islamic terror, terror which you seem perfectly fine importing into our once-peaceful country! see. Greens back rise in refugee intake to 50,000

Photo courtesy of The Daily Telegraph – Minto Resident’s Sivei Ah Chong and his son Derek knew what to do last year when faced with Islamic terror! Instinct would override safety and heroes would be created.

I almost wish that those were the only ridiculous quotes that your moronic brain thought up when you decided to upload that photo and statement yesterday, but alas:

“I told them I was so proud of the Australia they represent”

Which Australia is that? The Australia that has of late been riddled with Islamic terror attacks and AFP foiled Islamic terror plots? Or simply an Australia where women, gays and children are not equal to men? Do you really support a country who’s values are replaced with misogyny and homophobia?

See any of the articles below to read more about the:

“multicultural community that enriches our nation”

“Trump’s policies have no place in Australia”

I.. I.. Uh.. REALLY? 

I understand that you’re longing for a globalist government lead by your puppet master George Soros, but have no fear Senator, we aren’t there yet and contrary to your clear lack of understanding about politics, when the US President signs an executive order in relation to immigration to the United States of America, it only holds power over the states that make up “The United States of America”, of which Australia is not.. But I wouldn’t expect you to fully grasp a concept as indepth and difficult as this!

By the way Senator, President Trump’s executive order that bans Muslims, ONLY BANS THEM FROM THE COUNTRIES AT WAR WITH THE US, there is no ban in place for citizens of the 5 most populated Islamic countries countries, this is a ban related to War, not ideological beliefs.

Last but not least you finished with an anecdote about love and peace:

“Hate is a disease of the heart, the antidote is love, care and empathy – all values of humanity, regardless of race or religion.”

I, like many other red-blooded Australians truly hope that you’re right! But.. I think to test out your theory we need to transform your words into actions. I’ve gone ahead and begun the necessary actions to book you a one-way flight to Damascus, Syrian Arab Rep. – Damascus International Airport.

Unlike you, I’m aware that a return flight would be a waste of funds as you would not be returning from your trip of love.. I believe the taxpayers would overall be accepting of you flying first class though, as even a piss-ant such as yourself should have one last moment of happiness.


Now Senator Hanson-Young, if you happen to stumble upon this article, please don’t hesitate to visit my Contact Us page and we can further discuss your potential trip or any of the nonsense you carried on with in your attempt at grandstanding your tolerance of a barbaric culture.

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President Trump WILL Build The Wall & Strip Illegal Immigrants of Federal Grants!

“A nation without borders is not a nation!”

US President Donald Trump has kept each of his campaign promises to this point, and when it comes to building the US/Mexico border wall, he once again, has not backed down!

Signing an executive order today, President Trump has confirmed that he will indeed BUILD THE WALL!

He will also end Federal grants which send taxpayer money to “sanctuary cities” that harbour illegal immigrants.

“A nation without borders is not a nation,” Trump said during a speech at DHS headquarters. “Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control of its borders.”

The president said his directive “will save thousands of lives, millions of jobs, and billions and billions of dollars.”

One of the orders signed by Trump calls for the construction of “a large physical barrier on the southern border,” according to White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

The other order deals with immigration enforcement and ends the “catch and release” policy that quickly returned border crossers back to Mexico instead of arresting and processing them for deportation. The policy was a fixture of the Bush administration and was later reinstated on an informal basis by former President Barack Obama.

“Federal agents are going to unapologetically enforce the law, no ifs, ands or buts,” Spicer said.

The immigration actions also seek to withhold visas from countries to make sure they take back people in the U.S. illegally who are found to have broken U.S. laws. It would also strip federal grants from “sanctuary” cities and states that do not enforce federal immigration laws.

“We’re going to strip federal grant money from the sanctuary states and cities that harbor illegal immigrants,” Spicer said.

As transcribed by The Daily Wire

Here are seven other elements of the Trump immigration executive action today:

1. Broaden Enforcement Priorities. According to Section 5(c), the Secretary of Homeland Security has now been granted the power to prioritize for removal those who “have committed acts that constitute a chargeable criminal offense.” This means anyone who has crossed the border illegally. Whereas under President Obama, other crimes were prioritized, now illegal presence in the country has become a priority for law enforcement. The executive action also extends prioritization to false use of a Social Security number, for example (Section 5(d)), or taking public benefits illegally (Section 5(e)).

2. Add Agents. The order grants the Secretary the ability to hire 10,000 additional law enforcement officers with money to be found under current allocations.

3. Allow States To Help Police Immigration. Whereas the Obama administration sued the Arizona state government for aiding in enforcement of federal immigration law, Section 8(b) of the order allows States and local law enforcement officials to “perform the functions of immigration officers in relation to investigation, apprehension, or detention of alients in the United States.”

4. Kills Funding To Sanctuary Cities. The jurisprudence on federal grants to states and cities is rather complex, but this executive action seeks to remove eligibility to receive federal grants if those jurisdictions refuse to comply with federal immigration law. The executive order also creates a public shaming capacity for the feds: they are to “make public a comprehensive list of criminal actions committed by aliens and any jurisdiction that ignored or otherwise failed to honor any detainers with respect to such aliens.”

5. Restoring The Secure Communities Program. The Obama administration originally had a program that allowed the feds to check immigration databases to see local offenders who were here illegally; Obama then killed this in favor of the Priority Enforcement Program, which put limitations on such communication. Trump is returning to the original system.

6. Make Foreign Negotiations Contingent on Acceptance of Repatriated Illegal Immigrants. Section 12 explicitly orders the Secretary of State to “ensure that diplomatic efforts and negotiations with foreign states include as a condition precedent the acceptance by those foreign states of their nationals who are subject to removal from the United States.”

7. Make Data More Transparent. The order directs the Secretary of Homeland Security and Attorney General to collect data on immigration status of all aliens incarcerated in federal prisons, as well as all federal pretrial detainees, as well as all convicted aliens in state and local prisons.

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This little ISIS cutie will be welcomed into our countries.. SAY NO TO ISLAMIC REFUGEE’S!


The left will focus on their feelings and use cute children such as this violent youngster as the face of their pro-refugee campaign!


These youngsters have been corrupted and brainwashed from their first breath and the left want them in the same school as your children!

But if you throw some dirt and blood on his face, sit him in an ambulance and tell the world his mum was killed and every lefty on the planet would welcome this brainwashed little monster in their country with open arms!!

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