Christian Charities live in fear of bigotted “Equality” activists

The defenders of “equality” have proved to be anything but and it is absolutely disgraceful that the mainstream leftist media refuse to acknowledge the true bigotry going on in our country!

Following the Coopers brewery boycott and condemning of IBM, there is this morning news that:

“Mark Allaby, a managing partner at IBM Australia, has been pressured to resign his board position at the Lachlan Macquarie Institute (LMI) after he was subject to an online campaign for daring to sit on the board of a faith-based organisation.

It seems the idea of the ‘diversity’-supporting IBM employing someone with differing views on marriage was enough to send LGBT activists into a social media rage.” – Damian Wyld, Marriage Alliance.

The Australian has today reported that:

Two Christian charities have been granted official permission to keep their board members’ names secret on the grounds of “public safety”, after abuse and threats from gay activists forced an IBM executive to sever his links with a Christian education group.

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission yesterday agreed to keep the boards of the Lachlan Macquarie Institute and the Australian Christian Lobby off the public record ­because publication “could ­endanger public safety”.

The Lachlan Macquarie Institute and the ACL applied to the commission last week after militant gay rights activists targeted marriage equality advocate IBM Australia for employing Mark ­Allaby, who was on the Institute’s board. Both organisations removed the details of their boards and staff from their websites last week, as gay activists increased pressure on IBM and started to circulate the names and jobs of the Christian board members.

The charities commission took all the details of the two charities off its register, a public record, on receiving the request to keep the names private. After agreeing to the request, the commission put the details of the two Christian charities back on its register yesterday with the names of “responsible people” withheld.

If the militant LGBTABC brigade and left-wing professional protestors actually gave a fuck about true equality or standards of safety for the LGBTABC community it wouldn’t be Christian organisations they were going after, it would be Islamic organisations.

After all, when was the last time Christian groups were found to be throwing gays off buildings?

When you take a step back it becomes very clear who is in control of the left.. 

Afterall, who can’t you criticize?


ABC Misogynists Outsmart Feminist Colleagues – You gals work, you deserve it!

Equality, Equality EQUALITY!

The misguided left-wing women of the ABC have been outsmarted by their male colleagues! 

How dumb do you have to be to think you’re being empowered by going to work while you’re male colleagues get the day off to go and play golf?

“On 8 March, programs and content across radio, television and digital will reflect the day’s theme of #BeBoldForChange and focus on the need for change and gender equality in all communities,” an ABC press release read.

“Commencing at 6am with ABC News Breakfast an all-female line-up will lead the major radio and TV news bulletins and current affairs programs and present across the day on NewsRadio and News 24.”



You know what Jane? As much as we dislike Tony Jones (for obvious reasons) we’re sure somewhere beneath his self-loathing is a flaccid penis, and he too deserves a day off.

The writer’s at The Daily Telegraph clearly find the whole concept to be pathetic.

But here at ALTCON we can see through the charade!

We know that the masterminds behind the #BeBoldForChange campaign had one thing in mind.. Golf.

Those crafty bastards.. and the feminists never saw it coming!



Better luck next time ladies!

You call us “Far-Right, White Supremacists, Sexists, Bigots, Islamophobes” they’re meaningless words

As you’ve probably seen over the last 2 days, a petition we wrote up last week was picked up by The Daily Mail and thus went viral. At the time my petition crossed paths with Daily Mail writer Stephen Johnson the petition had amassed 10,000 signatures while the petition we were countering had barely cracked 2000. As the day went on and media outlet after media outlet displayed their disgust at our lack of Islamotolerance it seemed that many Australians were equally fed up with this one-sided relationship the Australian people have found themselves in with our media, and by this morning the petition had skyrocketed to over 24,000 signatures – more than 10 times the number the original petition had collected.

You can view and sign our petition here “ABC to publicly condemn and fire Yassmin Abdel-Magied over Pro Sharia Law comments”

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Daniel Andrews’ Victorian Police are now segregating men and women to be Sharia compliant


The Victorian Police information poster.

The Victorian Police now how no choice but to appease Islam and are conducting Sharia Law compliant male and female SEGREGATION at the information sessions that have been designed as a way to combat the escalating crime waves appearing all over the state by African and Muslim immigrants.
Whilst the “Women’s” marchers parade around spouting they want the equality (THAT THEY ALREADY HAVE), their beloved left-wing Labor Government is doing everything they can to take away these women’s right!

But who gets the blame? 

  • Not the migrants who want the segregation.
  • Not the left-wing elected officials organising the segregation.
  • Not the mainstream media that ignores the segregation.

It’s the conservatives who find this type of blatant oppression abhorrent who get the blame!

It’s the REAL feminists who actually give a fuck about women, women’s right and TRUE EQUALITY who get the blame!

It’s the democratically elected President of a country on the otherside of the planet who gets the blame!

Cultural Marxism is leading the holier-than-thou, “morally just”, left-wing, social justice warrior “activists” to a tipping point. On one side you have the oppressive culture YOU WERE LUCKY ENOUGH NOT TO BE BORN INTO and on the otherside you have the civilised Western culture you were born into, you know the one that has allowed you an education, freedom of speech and EQUALITY OF THE SEXES!

Make no mistake, the Conservatives, the Alt-Right and the traditionally Liberal, hard working members of our society have had enough of your bullshit appeasement and when the oppressive, violent, thugs you have filled out streets with turn on you and show you the true meaning of the words: oppression and misogyny, you will get no sympathy from us.


Sourced from the Eyewatch Wyndam Police Facebook Page.

Feature image was not taken in Victoria and has been used to demonstrate the type of segregation that’s these actions lead to.

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“Women’s March” shows that more women hate equality than support it.

I’m curious…

Why is it that when a man chooses to walk away from a healthy child he is called a deadbeat but when a woman aborts one there is no issue?

Why is it acceptable for women to be able to stay at home and not work but it’s not alright not for a man?

Why is it an issue when Trump said, in a private conversation, that if you are rich and famous enough women will LET you grab them by the pussy but not an issue when Madonna offered blow jobs to anyone who voted liberal?

Why do people complain that chivalry is dead and not that femininity is dead?

Why is this thing today being called a “Women’s March” and not a political march?

How is it a women’s march when they uninvited women’s groups that have differing opinions?

This is not a women’s march, You do not speak for all women and you sure as hell don’t speak for me!

March against Trump, fine. It is your right… As stupid as it is for people to protest a legally elected official that the majority voted for.

If you want equality then stop acting like you are superior.

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