If you havent yet, read part 1  and part 2 of our “Don’t let the media choose our leader!”series, Part 1 and Part 2

Some extracts from my book “Who Will Lead Us? Australia’s Patriotic Revival” follow.

  1. Churchill: Leader and Patriot! I frequently refer to Winston Churchill. Why? He was an inspiring, entertaining orator, who stirred the courage of his nation and the British Empire until victory was sealed. He was an indisputable leader and a patriot’s Patriot whose leadership rescued his country and western freedom when politicians could do nothing. Experience, wisdom, strength, wit and great far-reaching insight! Patriots and historians love him! He was fearless, like a father defending and coaching his vulnerable child to a costly victory! He was a leader’s leader! He fought off apologists, politicians and appeasers to demonstrate the power of Patriotic leadership. If you’re a Patriot, he’s worth studying!


When the circumstances of war demanded decisive action the politicians got out of the way! Then Churchill led! His vision and experience allowed him to correctly gauge his enemy, his need for allies, and to secure their support. His inspirational speeches conveyed his courageous determination and saved his nation and his people!


Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) also knew the consequences of failing to seize the day. His leadership in dealing with Wall Street banks during the Great Depression moved a visitor soon after his Inauguration to tell him, “Mr. President, if your program succeeds, you’ll be the greatest president in American history. If it fails, you will be the worst one.” …  “If it fails,” the new President replied, “I’ll be the last one.”

Great leadership can save Australia too! … No doubt at all!

  1. Misguided Loyalty. Why do Australians feel like they ‘owe political parties loyalty’? It is insane! You owe this country your support of a true leader! You identify an office-bearer by their position. You tell a leader by their conduct of affairs, their performance and their results and achievements with people! Australia’s soaring national debt, collapsing opportunity, industry and export, foreign investors taking over, rural Australian economy and lifestyle under siege, multiculturalism and terrorism threatening our national security, lawyers and legislation redefining truth and Australian freedom, China, USA and Islam dictating terms … tells you about our past and present ‘leaders’. Private enterprise and employment are failing and foreign. Families are disintegrating, cost of living sky-rocketing, taxes climbing and superannuation falling while politicians’ pensions and entitlements increase: all evidence that we have not had a real leader for decades! No more!
  1. Australia needs a united Patriotic Democratic movement soon! Whether as leader or supporter, it needs YOU! But you must know what a leader is. Find one, help one develop and support one! Also, acknowledge and respect other leaders! Australia must develop and promote real leaders! They are not common people. This does not mean they are elite, unfriendly or aloof! Leadership is a gift backed by particular character traits and abilities to achieve goals, progress and vision. Whatever the reason, leaders achieve great purposes; typically in service of their people or their nation! They are usually courageous. We need leaders! We need a culture that promotes and supports them! Real leadership is something new for Australia; worth fighting for and supporting! It’s our only hope!

  1. Australia’s greatest leader? General Sir John Monash clearly had great leadership … and great resistance. As a warning to us today, few Australians know much about Monash’s achievements because the then Australian leadership, the British and Australian media and historians despised him. He was ‘tolerated’ because of what he achieved and because of his loyal supporters. He successfully led 200,000 men in war!
  1. Leaders emerge. Political hierarchies and even whole societies may oppose gifted leaders. Some may never emerge.For others, circumstances and their own actions or supporters promote them even against established opposition. Patience, tolerance, determination, analytical skills and influence are developed under resistance. Churchill is a perfect example. Complacency is sometimes interrupted by someone with enthusiasm and a vision for something better. In times of growth and productivity, great leaders have been those who have steered popular movements, respecting others and promoting effort and unity.
  2. Australians have become so familiar with control through ‘politics’ and media sedation, they’ve forgotten what liberating, unifying, productive leadership is! Mateship has almost disappeared. It’s every man for himself! We’re all just surviving! Each to his own! Wake up Australia! This is a leadership issue, and it has to change!

I believe it is time Australia had a truly talented and inspired leader to lead Australia where it should have been going for the past forty or more years! The fantasy globalist tour has to end, and the real journey begin. Australia and its people are a resilient, resourceful and sensible type, and we deserve a great leader … an outstanding leader! The people may never be more ready; but find us the right leader!

In Conclusion, here’s a challenging thought: “Are you a leader? Do you know a gifted leader?” There’s always preparation for leadership … and I don’t mean getting a degree in political science! I mean in the school of real life! In the end it’s about having the character behind the ability! It’s also about having the right people around you. You can be a great supporter! I mean a leader in any field! Help us make sure Australia gets the leaders we need and deserve.

When you find that person or team, choose your time and tell the media. They’d love to know!

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Don’t let the media choose our leader! (Part 2 of a 3-Part Series)

If you havent yet, read part 1 of our “Don’t let the media choose our leader!” series.

What the hell do you mean, “We need real patriotic leaders, not politicians!”?

Vladimir Putin has been voted world’s most-powerful leader for the past three years. He is not a big man, but his towering ex-military friend says, “He’s got leadership!’ Another said, ‘He’s like a father!’ He is a patriot leader for Russia; meaning he loves and serves his country and his people above all others. He is loyal to his allies, even against great oppression.
*Leadership traits include: vision, loyalty, commitment, principle, action, communication skills, planning skills, team-building skills, consulting skills, motivation skills, problem-solving skills, accountability, decisiveness, creativity, resolve, passion, wisdom and humility. Leaders are role-models before and during their term in office. In hindsight, renowned leaders leave a lasting legacy! On top of all this: The goal and mark of all great leaders is their ability to unite their people. Nelson Mandela.

Trump-3_thumb1     Mandela-5_thumb1

* Many great leaders have been very reluctant to lead. I have never heard Pauline Hanson say she wanted to lead Australia. She seems devoted to serving. Donald Trump announced publicly several times that he would rather not lead America; but he hated what was happening to his country. I think he’ll be great!

* Many disastrous ‘leaders’ have spent their lives manipulating and scheming to lead. They will do anything to get their way! They have been controllers and appeasers; not leaders. So, Australia is on the brink! We must resist the efforts of the ambitious! We need to find leaders with true leadership traits: loyalty to Australia and its people. Yes, leaders’! They will select the best for the top job, because Australia will come before their personal ambition. Australia is a democracy. We the people must also have our say!

Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Vladimir Putin: Certainly leaders … Capital “L”!   … and certainly NOT Appeasers!
‘There is no such thing as public opinion: only published opinion.’ Winston Churchill.

* Go to researched and proven leadership principles and character traits … or the Australian media will tell you who will lead you! And believe me: you do not want that, if you love Australia! Donald Trump and his followers told the media who would be USA’s leader, and the media is still arguing! Whether you like Trump or not; that is the fact! Ask yourself why you even got involved when Australia has so many problems for you to deal with! Yes: the media! Think and act for yourself … with a well-based plan! We have nearly three years to tell the media what we want! Yet there is not a moment to lose! Where are the real leaders? How will you support them?

In times of great difficulty, great leaders tend to rise from obscurity. It is happening now in Australia. Let me name a few without commenting on their merit as a national leader at all: Kirralie Smith, Denise Robertson, Bernard Gaynor, Jim Savage, Danny Nalliah, Tony Moore, Kim Vuga, Cory Bernardi, Blair Cottrell, George Christiansen, Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Roberts, Nick Folkes. There are probably hundreds more, and this list may not include the best of them! Leaders have been hiding or dormant, for good reason. We must find them, and not run after the first the media forces on us! We need to present our best leaders to Australia; not the reverse! Choose them on principle; not grin, charisma, backing or bank balance! This is us earning our democracy! So let’s spend the next few short years earning it! It’s not ‘their’ country; it’s ours!

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DON’T LET THE MEDIA CHOOSE OUR LEADER! (Part 1 in a 3-Part Series)

The media has chosen our leaders for us for fifty years, and Australia is a failing disaster.

But we’re doing it again!!! OH? How so? How do you choose a leader? What is a leader? How do we take back leadership control of our country? 

How do we choose a great leadership to save Australia: to restore our future?

This is a wake-up call to 24 million Australians! This is not a criticism of obvious leadership candidates like Cory Bernardi; though I have my reservations. The next Federal election is almost three years away, yet there is a growing excitement about Cory Bernardi splitting from the Liberals, financed by Gina Reinhart, and forming a new ‘Conservative’ party. I respond with this warning: There is no need for devoted Australians to get too excited yet! Bernardi’s move may be vital for him, for Gina, and for the Liberal old-school; but it is not that important for Australia! 

What is important for Australia is that ‘we’ take responsibility for our contribution to the demise of Australia under leaders we elected and supported for the past forty-plus years … and never make these errors again! (That’s why you need to read my books!) ‘We’ need to assess this reality, and get it right before our 2019 election!

The return of Pauline Hanson and her allies to the Australian Senate has created the greatest sensation in Australian parliament in twenty years; perhaps forty; perhaps sixty! She and her colleagues have been a revelation to many Australians. The swing of support to Pauline Hanson has been utterly alarming for the entrenched Liberals, Labour and Greens. Yet it is very early days! 2017 will be an interesting year for her and Australia; to say the very lest! 24 million concerned Australians and patriots need to make 2017 count too! Getting excited about Cori Bernardi right now is a distraction from the soul-searching we should be doing! It’s far too convenient! We have barely escaped the sword of Australia’s destruction yet; and nobody should be too sure we have at all! 

The time between now and election 2019 could be the most important period in our settled history! At the end of this less than three years, we will elect the government that will see the end of true Australia, or will save and restore Australia!

Who do we have to lead? Do we have anyone? Who should we choose?

Through 2017, we need to mature, support our parliamentary representatives, and hope they can hold out for Australia, while we do the same ‘on the outside’! That is: fight like hell for answers, for unity, for the right ideas on leadership and for the resources and commitment required to win! In less than three years, ‘they’ won’t elect the most important leadership team in Australia’s history. We will! If that’s not sobering; you’re far too excited far too early! This is not the movies! This is our lives and future! With the media sedating us, Australia has gone down so quickly under leadership we’ve tolerated, or worse! How do we turn it around?

LAND WITHOUT A LEADER! The greatest revelation I had in 2016, caused me to re-write my second book! My eighty-four year-old friend was a truly effective leader. I’ve seen the evidence and the legacy he left! He made something great and lasting out of almost nothing! He announced, “Australia has never had a leader!” 

When asked, he said, “Chifley did what he needed to do; but we’ve never had a leader! Australia is a great country, but it could be so much better. It is so sad!” That’s the standard I’m talking about! The type of leader we may never have had: creative, determined, visionary, genuine, loyal, patriotic, productive leadership! Leadership that changes the culture and course of history and leaves an admirable, lasting national legacy! That’s what Australia needs now! Politicians don’t do that.

Not all presenting ‘leaders’ are leaders! We need real leaders; not the ones served to us on a platter! We need to leave the TV and go out hunting! We need to change!

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Hey Bob! What will Bill think?


According to the Australian Labor Party’s Policy website:

“The key to tackling climate change is to drastically increase our investment in renewable energies like solar. That is why we’ll commit to 50% renewable energy by 2030 because it will cut pollution, help create jobs of the future and lower energy prices.” 

The evidence that the once great Labor Party of Australia has been hijacked by the far-left is right there in that policy statement. When we see former Labor Party stalwarts come out and say that Australia should embrace Nuclear Power, the right needs to praise these courageous souls.

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke told a crowd at a music festival in Queensland that:

“I do appreciate the very strong feelings held by people in this issue. The simple fact is (compared) to fossil fuel power stations nuclear power is clean. They are necessary to reduce the impact of fossil fuel.” 

This view from a former Labor Leader is in stark contrast to what The Labor Party stands for today!

The Australian reported on 29th December 2016 that:

“Labor’s traditional working-class supporters will bear the brunt of spiking electricity prices and power failures in the fallout from South Australian, Victorian and Queensland governments’ push towards ambitious renewable energy targets”

Here we have a former Labor stalwart pushing for a common sense approach to Climate Change which will protect the people who they purport to represent and on the other hand we have a Labor Party that is willing to sell out its base.. To woe the Green vote!

One Nation must be licking their lips at the thought of Labor’s attitude towards it supporters.


Anti-Vaxxer = Pro-Moron

The science behind vaccinating a child is not a difference of opinion, it should not be a personal choice and it is definitely not you uncovering a conspiracy.

It is the unintelligible decision of the scientifically illiterate to stick their fingers in their ears and scream.
If you don’t jab for any reason other than serious medical repercussions (diagnosed by a competent doctor) then take your child to the nearest safe place and register as an unfit parent!

Also, for anyone who wants to argue that vaccinating doesn’t guarantee immunity, seat belts don’t guarantee survival in a car crash, but I sure wouldn’t choose not to buckle up my kids.

Here is a demonstration by Penn & Teller which shows in a very basic way what vaccines do.

Isnt it funny how if I would like to place my dog into a boarding kennel when I go on holidays, I have to prove that she is fully vaccinated to prevent the other animals from getting sick. However, to place my child in childcare, there is nothing! NOTHING to prevent them from contracting a deadly illness from a child whose parents are too pig headed to see that their “choices” can impact the lives of many others.

If Anti-Vaccine parents rode the magic school bus.

7 News Sydney posted this video which features a couple from Macarthur who’s baby daughter is battling a deadly dose of Whooping Cough.


Below is a Dead State comic that should help convey the message to anyone you may know who is still too dumb to understand.


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Whilst we allow our guest authors the courtesy of being uncensored, their individual views do not necessarily represent the views of the ALTCon News team.