About The Team

The ALTCON Team pride ourselves on being Politically Incorrect and putting forward the Truth of every story.

  1. We will put facts before feelings.
  2. We will expose the hypocrisy that is rampant on the left side of politics.
  3. We will deliver the NEWS WITHOUT THE BULL!

Meet The Team



Matthew V. Peat Founder / Editor-In-Chief


Justen R. Bertram Freelance Writer

Guest Authors

Ashley Peat

Bernard Adam

Corina Cook

Margaret Winston (UK Contributor)

Robert L. Dickson

Victoria A. Emerson

Whilst we allow our guest authors the courtesy of being uncensored, their individual views do not necessarily represent the views of The ALTCON Team.


This could be you!

If you have a passion for politics and current events and are interested in joining the team head to the Contact Us page, send your details through and i’ll be in touch soon.

Editor-In-Chief, Founder
Matthew V. Peat

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