Bernardi throws bombs as Conservatives’ state memberships begin to rival Liberal numbers

Cory Bernardi throws more bombs at the NSW liberal party promising his members the power to elect their own candidates.

Senator Cory Bernardi has heaped pressure on the NSW Liberal leadership with the announcement that his Australian Conservatives will allow members to select their own candidates in US style primaries.

Senator Bernardi made the announcement at an event with 500 party members in Sydney last Friday night.

The enthusiastic crowd was promised a one member one vote policy for selecting lower house candidates at both State and Federal elections.

Senator Bernardi in talks with Liberal powerbrokers.

Bernardi’s strategically timed announcement places Liberal power brokers Michael Photios and Nick Campbell under more pressure to ratify proposed democratic reform in their own party.

The Warringah motion, which would give Liberal members each a vote in selecting lower house candidates, passed 748 votes to 476 at a party convention in Sydney’s West last week. Former prime minister Tony Abbott said the motion passed despite clear resistance from people who want the party to be an insider’s club.

He said it would end the potential for corruption and create a more democratic Liberal Party.

Supporters of the Warringah motion have promised to defect form the Liberal Party if Party leadership alters it in any way, to which the Australian Conservatives will wait with open arms!

Cory Bernardi has stated the Australian Conservatives currently have 4000 NSW members! For reference, the NSW Liberal Party membership has been estimated at around 10,000 members.




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