How the 2017 Budget will crackdown on Dole Bludgers!

A demerit points system, similar to driving demerits, will also be introduced for around 1.2 million unemployed people, and will save the government $632 million over five years from 2016.

Jobseekers will start on zero demerits on the “Personal Responsibility Phase”, and accrue demerit points if they miss meetings or interviews without a reasonable excuse.

Failing to start a job plan, look for work, attend an appointment or participate in Work for the Dole will earn you one demerit point.

If you don’t turn up for a job interview, you’ll be hit with three demerit points.

If you get four demerit points in six months you’ll enter a three strike “Intensive Compliance Phase” and will:

– lose 50% of fortnightly payments for the first strike;

– lose 100% of fortnightly payments for the second strike;

– have payments cancelled for four weeks for a third strike.

At any point, if you get offered a job and don’t accept it, your welfare payments will be cancelled for four weeks.


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