The Army and Mardi Gras – the relationship that should never happen 

Yesterday the LGTBIQA+ Mardi Gras parade was held and we saw the Army marching down the streets of Sydney. The sacred Australian Army whose millions of soldiers have fought for our rights and freedoms for over a century, was marching in support of a political movement. 

The Australian Army under the now infamous ret’d General David Morrison introduced a lapel pin in 2013 that consisted of the Rising Sun badge encapsulated by the rainbow flag that is associated with the ‘Marriage Equality’ movement. This left leaning failed former Australian of the Year went against the Army’s own policy of showing no political leaning associated with the institution to introduce this badge to be worn on their uniforms, a place where no previous badges have been allowed. 

Not only should the Army not be associated with the Mardi Gras campaign let alone involved with the any political movement, the fact remains that while those soldiers may have the belief that we should have marriage equality in Australia, the Army should not pay their soldiers to attend a political march. That’s right, those soldiers would have been paid. They put on that uniform to represent the Army and therefore would have been paid. Our hard working tax payer dollars going to a cause that the Army should not be sticking their fingers into. 

The Army has contradicted itself in this decision to march. On Anzac Day, our troops are not allowed to wear their uniform unless they are attending official events. This is a horrible fact. The fact that our current serving personnel cannot wear their uniform on a day that offers us a quiet moment to reflect on the sacrifices that our former and current defence personnel have taken to protect us. 

The relationship that David Morrison began between the Army and the Marriage Equality movement, needs to be severed. The four year relationship needs to be over. The Army is a sacred, time honoured institution that is beyond the political tugs of war that are commonplace in our modern Australian society. 



  1. If you think politicising the armed forces is an outrage, you aint seen nothin yet.
    Google up what legalising same sex marriage has done to Massachusetts, to see the bigger picture of how far this dangerous nonsense really goes.


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