Peter gives a Dutton about Aussie Jobs!

“Every Australian teenager should have the chance to get a job at the local shops,” Mr Dutton said.

“The Aussie kid shouldn’t be knocked out of the job by a foreign worker, which is what Bill Shorten did.”

In the past four years, more than 500 visas have been ­approved in the fast-food ­industry.

Transcribed by the Daily Telegraph

FOREIGN workers will be banned from taking jobs at McDonald’s, ­Hungry Jack’s and KFC in an unprecedented crackdown by the federal government.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has declared Aussie teenagers who want to serve fries or flip hamburgers at fast food outlets should not lose out to foreign rivals when youth unemployment is rising.

The minister will scrap a deal, struck while Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was workplace relations minister, allowing major fast food outlets to import staff. It is the first time an entire sector has been banned from sponsoring overseas workers.

These workers will be forced to leave the country when their agreements terminate unless the fast-food outlet is able to mount an individual case as to why they should stay in the country.

More than 318 fast food ­outlets across the country have overseas workers behind the counter.

McDonald’s has flown in 285 foreign workers under the Fast Food Industry Labour Agreement, KFC has 88 foreigners on their books and Hungry Jack’s has hired at least 74 people.

“The fast food industry is one of the more common employers of school leavers and young people,” department advice stated.

Mr Dutton said the Coal­ition government had cut back on the number of 457 visas being issued from a peak of 110,000 in 2013 to about 90,000 now.

The countries where most foreign workers on 457 visas come from are India, the United Kingdom, China, the Philippines and Ireland.

The Daily Telegraph revealed in November that Labor had approved a little-known labour agreement to allow major fast food outlets to fly in overseas workers.

Fast food outlets will still be allowed to make formal requests for a foreign worker in exceptional circumstances.


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