Fair Work Commission Announces Sunday Pay Cuts

So the past 24 hours for those in the hospitality industry has been one of frustration and anger directed towards the Fair Work Commission who decided to cut Sunday penalty rates. 

We’ve seen both sides of Government and the Unions come out and talk about the decision. We have seen Brendan O’Connor and Bill Shorten with one now very well known Coles employee have a press conference and claim that he was going to be affected by the pay cut. But alas, the company he works for contacted the ABC and allowed Coles not to be dragged into the mess and inadvertently caused Labor to look like the bunch of fools we already knew that they were. 

But here’s a perspective that doesn’t seem to want to be published. I am a bar worker. I have worked in this pub since December last year and I am paid a big enough wage, that given enough shifts, I can afford to live every week. Yes my life revolves around the shifts I have. It revolves around the small amount of money I get paid on a weekly basis. I am one of the lucky ones though, I pay rent to my boyfriend who then pays our landlord. If I can’t afford rent for the week, I pay as much as I can and then my boyfriend pays the rest. 

Even though I am paid a measly $22.00 per hour to go to work, I know my boss is a small business owner. I know the challenges that small business owners go through. In the small town where I live, I have seen 3 shops close down in the past 4 months. Some of those spaces have not been filled. I know that they have got bills to pay, food to put on the table for the bistro and a bottleshop to run on top of all of that. 

While I wish that the Fair Work Commission did not cut my Sunday pay, I would rather take the percentage pay cut and keep my job, then allow my boss to then run in the negative and lose his business. At the end of the day, we are lead by a somewhat conservative government who claims to care about small business. So while everyone else is up in arms about their pay cut, I’ll keep my mouth shut and support them. Small business makes our country towns, it makes our cities and it sure does make our country into what it is today. 


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