You call us “Far-Right, White Supremacists, Sexists, Bigots, Islamophobes” they’re meaningless words

As you’ve probably seen over the last 2 days, a petition we wrote up last week was picked up by The Daily Mail and thus went viral. At the time my petition crossed paths with Daily Mail writer Stephen Johnson the petition had amassed 10,000 signatures while the petition we were countering had barely cracked 2000. As the day went on and media outlet after media outlet displayed their disgust at our lack of Islamotolerance it seemed that many Australians were equally fed up with this one-sided relationship the Australian people have found themselves in with our media, and by this morning the petition had skyrocketed to over 24,000 signatures – more than 10 times the number the original petition had collected.

You can view and sign our petition here “ABC to publicly condemn and fire Yassmin Abdel-Magied over Pro Sharia Law comments”

As expected numerous “news” outlets failed to read our petition and clearly our website, instead choosing to simply feign outrage and throw out the “slurs” they use when discussing conservative right-wing commentators:

These terms are meaningless to us, they are merely unsubstantiated claims by those without the integrity to challenge the merits of our beliefs, their words mean nothing to us! 

We’ve heard them all before!

The terms have become worthless and the left-wing echo chambers that are the comment sections under the shared copies of the petition by HuffPoPedestrianThe Age etc are full of “Racist, Islamophobe, Bigot, Nazi, White Supremacist, Alt-Reich” etc.. So the unemployed Social Justice Warriors who guard these sites can congratulate each other on another ZING!

You got us guys! We’re done. We can no longer handle these unsubstantiated slurs, you’ve beat us.. IS WHAT THEY BELIEVE WILL COME FROM THEIR SELF-IMPORTANT VIRTUE SIGNALLING!

Several News outlets and media personalities weighed in on the story whilst having the integrity to remain level-headed and simply give our counter-petition the fair shake it deserved:

Given the chance (and we have given it to them, which is why we find ourselves in this mess) the left would have us live in an Apartheid reminiscent Australia where every individual is sorted into their own identity group, unable to leave and forced to follow the views and beliefs represented by that group in the media. Each group has their own merits and worth.

On the bottom of this identity pyramid are the truly loathsome, you know.. Patriotic individuals who are in the spotlight and wish to use their position to help the people of their country who are in need of help, think:

  • Donald Trump
  • Pauline Hanson
  • Cory Bernardi
  • Andrew Bolt
  • Milo Yiannopoulos etc.

Slightly higher on the pyramid is where I find myself. This level is designated for those the media not only find pleasure in misquoting and misrepresenting, but those they purposely go after with their smear campaigns. This is a large zone and is home to:

  • Whites
  • Straights
  • Cis-Gendered (People who don’t have the mental health disorder known as “gender dysphoria”)
  • Men (especially mens-rights groups)
  • Christians / Catholics
  • Jews
  • Scientologists
  • People who oppose same-sex marriage
  • Patriots who question the benefits of Islamic migration
  • and those who dare question the merits of “Climate Change”

Next up and of slightly more worth to the left are (Also from this point onwards the more pyramid sections you happen to identify with the higher your individual worth):

  • Straight White Women
  • Black Men
  • Asian Men
  • Non-Western religious groups (with the exception of Islam) such as: Hindu’s, Buddhists, Sikhs etc

The sections of the pyramid begin to shrink here and there is some debate as to who is actually worth more than who. An easy way to work this out is to look for examples in the media and see who was portrayed as the bad guy:

  • Black Women
  • Asian Women
  • Gay White Men

Followed by:

  • LB’s (Lesbians and Bisexual People)
  • Immigrants from the Middle East & Africa

Recently promoted above the rest of the rainbow brigade are:

  • Transgenders
  • Those who identify with magical made up genders
  • Legitimate Intersex People
  • People with severe disabilities and mental illness.

Surprise, surprise! Guess who sits on top of the pyramid?

  • Thats right, MUSLIMS!


Yassmin Abdel-Magied and Jacqui Lambie during their heated debate on the ABC’s QandA last week.

It begins to make sense now why the media went into such a meltdown over my calls for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation to “publicly condemn and fire Yassmin Abdel-Magied over her pro-Sharia Law comments”, because not only is she black, she’s an immigrant, a woman and of the Islamic faith.

Now if Ms Abdel-Magied comes out next week and reveals that she is now transgender either she will be crowned Australia’s first Platinum Lifetime Logie Award winner or she will have simply checked so many boxes that she will transcend this world and fly off to the heavens on a winged horse.. Oh wait, that was her paedophile prophet.

Honest mistake!

An interesting screenshot which should be the talk of the town.. The ABC’s golden girl seeking “advice” from Islamic extremists Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Credit where its due, she is quite clearly a very intelligent woman and is extremely well articulated. But neither her University level intelligence or her public speaking ability change the fact that she is either blinded to the truth of Islam and needs to learn some hard truths, or she is very talented in the art of Islamic Taqiyaa and is purposely using her position on the taxpayer-funded ABC to push Sharia Law under the guise that it is nothing more than a non-threatening word to describe her praying 5 times a day.

As stated the reason we started the petition was to counter a petition started by “Muslim community leaders, activists, academics, community members, and, organisations and leaders against fascism and racism”.

As the petition has been labelled sexist, we’re left wondering how many shades darker Jacqui Lambie’s skin needed to be for the original petition to be painted in the same light..

One of ALTCON’s writers Bernard addressed the claims of our “White Supremacy” yesterday with a brilliantly written piece entitled “White Supremacist? ..But I’m an Arab! So I feel no need to reiterate his sentiment on such a ridiculously uninformed slur.

While the ABC has shamelessly come out in defence of Ms Abdel-Magied, we will not close the petition. We plan to follow the petition up passed the 50,000 signatures mark at which point we will submit it to The ABC and any other necessary persons.

We are not aiming to shut down free speech but simply wish for the ABC to recognise that as a tax payer funded organisation, they need to be held accountable for their presenters and they need to condemn public pushes to instate a religious law in Australia that is not compatible with Australian culture and the Australian way of life.

Following our petition, Junked Media have started a petition for ABC: host a debate between Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Yassmin Abdul-Magied regarding Islam.
The ALTCON team encourage you to read and sign their petition, it reads:

On February 13th, during an episode of the taxpayer-funded ABC’s flagship current affairs program Q&A, invited guest and ABC contributor Yassmin Abdul-Magied became involved in a heated exchange with Tasmanian Senator, Jacqui Lambie. 

During the discussion, Ms Abdul-Magied argued that Islam is a feminist religion while defending the implementation of Sharia in Australia.

After widespread condemnation of her comments, Ms Abdel-Magied sought advice from anti-LGBT and anti-woman Islamist organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman, Wassim Doureihi on his private Facebook page.

Mr Doureihi criticised Ms Abdel-Magied for her inability to argue Islamic doctrine forcefully and stated that her defence of Sharia was problematic.

In response, Ms Abdel-Magied replied: “What specifically was problematic and how can I do better in the future inshallah? I am young, (sic) and willing to learn, inshallah. Trying to do the best with the platform I can, Allah willing.”

Mr Doureihi continued that Ms Abdel-Magied had “ended up framing Islam through a secular lens, aimed at a secular people and conscious of the presence of a secular government.” Mr Doureighi then suggested that they continue their conversation in a private message thread.

Following the broadcast of the original episode of Q&A, ABC has been targeted with a petition on by Muslim leaders.

“Whilst you may view last night as an opportunity to boost ratings at the expense of fairness and respect to panelists, and members of minority communities, we view the bullying that occurred on last night’s TV show as a clear example of further deterrence for Muslim youth to engage in public platforms,” the petition reads.

“We demand an apology from Q&A for its poor handling of the debate and for its failure to uphold its values of respect and integrity.”

In response, a counter petition was started calling on the ABC to condemn and sack Ms Abdel-Magied.

We don’t believe that anyone should be fired for exercising their freedom of speech, but we do believe that in a free and open society, ideas should be challenged in as large a forum as possible.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an outspoken critic of Islam, and in particular, the treatment of women, children and sexual minorities under Sharia.

Born in Somalia to devoutly Muslim parents, Hirsi Ali was subjected to female genital mutilation as a child and escaped an arranged marriage in 1992 when she was granted asylum in the Netherlands. Fleeing Europe after the execution-style murder of her friend and colleague Theo van Gogh and explicit threats made against her by Muslim extremists, Hirsi Ali has nevertheless continued her work advocating for the rights of minority groups threatened by the implementation of Sharia around the world.

Ms Abdul-Magied is entirely free to express her own opinion about feminism and Islam. We feel it is appropriate, however, that these views are challenged in a public forum by someone more knowledgable, and whose understanding of these issues more nuanced than those of Senator Lambie.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali will be visiting Australia during the first two weeks of April as part of her speaking tour. We ask that the ABC host a debate between Yassmin Abdul-Magied and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, on the specific merits or not of Sharia and Islamic doctrine in relation to women’s rights.”

Thankyou to those who took the time to read our work, read our petition and understand who we are and why we wrote the petition instead of simply trying to shame us with a pathetic slur, we will continue our work and we will continue to push back against the leftist agenda which has taken control of the mainstream media, the education system and politics in general.

Copyright © 2017 ALTCON



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  1. Great summation of the “progressive stack”. I should probably identify as a Muslim to get away with things, but then again my cis-gendered straight Asian male privilege and my criticism of elements of Islam could balance things out… I don’t know, maybe you could improve on it by introducing a points system? 😛


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