The Mainstream Media can’t work out why they’ve lost the public’s trust.. WE CAN!


Wait! Isnt Slate a “fact-checker”?

Was Trump correct Philly?

HuffPo’s level of virtue signalling must be mentally draining on their staff.

Just sayin..

HuffPo again.. But im sure you knew they’d reappear.

CNN just cant hack it!

Racism because racism.

HuffPo Number 3.

Any ideas why NO ONE takes feminists seriously?

Tears matter if their from the right donor..

Sucks when the law works, doesnt it!

What were you saying?

But.. BUT!

But Slate isnt biased.. No not at all!

Gotta love CNN!

Stick to what you’re good at Philly.. What was that again?

C’mon.. As if we wouldnt finish with HuffPo!

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