End The Division – Why The Right Must Unite

Yesterday, during the first day of Parliament for the year, now former-Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi defected from the party he had once been the South Australian President of, in favour of starting his own political party, Australian Conservatives.

Make no mistake! Regardless of what the media tell you, or what the politically uninformed would have you believe, this is the best move for Bernardi! This is the best move for conservatives and this will be looked back upon as one of the best moves for Australian politics.

The right-wing of Australian politics has been divided for too long, votes being split across tens of parties, many of whom failed to regularly receive the necessary number of votes to qualify for parliamentary seats.

At the 2016 election, Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party “shocked” those on the left and those in the media who had clearly not been paying attention to the voters and the political climate they found themselves in. The Brexit vote had just passed, pleasing the silent majority and paving the way for a wave of traditionalist, conservative, right-wing values to rush on in and smash those on left attempting to bring about the decline of Western Civilization, Western Values and Western Traditions in an attempt to push their Cultural Marxist agenda and usher in a socialist’s dream of destruction and decadence.

Donald Trump went on to once again “shock” the mainstream leftist media and those who following Brexit and One Nations rebirth still hadn’t worked out what was happening!

Now, British PM Theresa May is pushing the will of the people.

US President Donald Trump is pushing the will of the people.

BUT, back home Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had lead the once conservative Liberal Party so far to the left that they would be indivisible from The Labor Party, had the Labor Party not rushed to meet the Greens, who in turn don’t even pretend to be Green anymore and are proudly wearing their Red shirts and all but proclaiming the destruction of Australia as we know it to reign in a communist regime.


With options such as these, the right has no choice but to unite of common values for the good of the country.


Now the right are in a position with a handful of Liberal and Nationals MP’s, along with Senate crossbenchers One Nation and now Cory Bernardi to not only push the wishes of the people, but to hold strong try to protect the Australian public from ridiculous notions the Greens would attempt to pass through Parliament. We are in a position to see One Nation pick up enough seats in the upcoming Queensland and Western Australian state elections to not just “shock” the leftist mainstream media, but also “shock” many of their supporters and members.

So whats the problem? Where’s the lack of unity you might ask?

Today alone, across social media Nationals supporters, Liberal supporters, One Nation supporters and now Cory Bernardi supporters bickered, the positioned themselves with one party and against another, these attitudes don’t help the party they support, they don’t help the movement and they dont help the concerns they have and causes they want stood up for.

A prime example is the numerous “conservative” Liberal and Nationals supporters condemning Bernardi for stating

For many years I have warned of the consequences of ignoring the clear signs. I have spoken of the need to restore faith in our political system and to put principle back into politics. I regret that too often these warnings have been lost on those who needed to hear them most.

 It really is time for a better way; a conservative way.

and subsequently going out on his own. “Conservatives” who dismissed the likes of George Christensen and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott for staying with The Nationals and Liberals rather than defecting aswell alongside their conservative colleague. Or the number of One Nation supporters whom condemned Bernardi and his supporters for wanting to steal a slice of One Nation’s pie… Now this notion is one that really irritates me, if you support Pauline Hanson, LISTEN TO HER! 

Pauline herself stated on 2GB Radio

“I have a lot of respect for Cory, “ she said. “I’d love to work with him or join forces. If Cory wants to take over [One Nation] so be it but at the end of the day it has got to be on the issues that I want to fight for the people.”

Following Bernardi’s move Pauline did not show angst, she did not direct anger towards Bernardi, she shook his hand and they smiled.

Senator Pauline Hanson shakes hands with recently liberated Senator Cory Bernardi following his speech to the senate addressing his defection from the Liberal Party.

While One Nation will look to seat MP’s in QLD and WA at their next elections, you can bet that once Bernardi grows his party he won’t. I believe they will assist each other and look to win seats in separate states, and in those states they both front possible MP’s for, they wont have them stand against each other. They will remain separate entities yet work alongside each other and not look to steal votes from one another.

We can have more than one party on the right and benefit from it such as the Liberal and National parties have, by working together towards a common goal.

This is the a brilliant time for the right!

Those looking at it as Bernardi vs One Nation vs the conservative voices of the Liberals and Nationals truly haven’t looked at the bigger picture before us. If we fail to stand united and listen to what we are being told, the left will pick off seat after seat and we will be left wondering where we went wrong and how our country was systematically dismantled piece by piece under our noses.

The most important part of this journey is coming to terms with the realisation that we are stronger together and that IT’S TIME FOR THE RIGHT TO UNITE!

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  1. Yes, i saw it the same way. All looking a lot brighter than it has for a long, long time. Libs, Nats, Labs, Greens have self destructed. It’s beyond bellief how ridiculous the loony left have gotten since Trump and Brexit. And they still don’t get it? LMAO. So glad Cory had the balls to do it, and honestly love her or hate her, can anyone say Pauline isn’t staunch as, and cares for the long suffering silent majority. Up to 24,428 on the Alt petition for the ABC and yassmin. Nice! Well done guys.


  2. Im not sure of the rules in Canberra. How many party members would they need to form a government??? Or are they only aiming to have numbers in the upper house (senate)???
    Ive read that a senator cannot be a prime minister. So Im a bit confused about the details of what their ultimate aim & plan must be. Can anyone explain???


    1. Cory Bernardi-Australian Conservatives has indicated he is aiming for power in the Senate. It is the correct form of attack to begin with, as the new party will need time to build good representatives and a stable base, and in the mean time much like Hanson has proved, having controlling power in the Senate means you need a lot less ministers and you ca bully the lower house and block and negotiate.

      Meanwhile over in the One Nation camp, they are in the midst of the Trump wave and trying desperately to catch it and surf it all the way to triumph. They weren’t ready, so they are left trying to canvass as many candidates as they can, as fast as they can, to get them up for the vote. The danger is those candidates are not well vetted, unseasoned and the train moves too fast causing splintering.

      If you can imagine yourself as a surfer sitting out there in the big wide ocean propped up on your board, and the big wave starts to build up behind you, first you feel the undertow then the swirl. You must get the timing right and all of sudden you start paddling like mad to get inside the wave, then you’re in the rip and you’ve got to paddle with all you’ve got. There’s a 50/50 shot you’ll get up, and be taken through riding the wave to glory, or you miss..and get pummelled as the wave drowns you..and lets not forget the sharks are waiting for easy meat.

      There will be three waves from my modelling and research. This is the first one. To be PM you must be in the lower house. To have a controlling party ah crap not sure of the numbers but it’s big, hence why it’s so hard to knock off Liberal and Labor. That’s why Hanson chose to prefernce Liberals. She knows even with many of her candidates getting up, she won’t have the numbers to rule in her own right. But she will have many in the lower house, and she will retain power in the Senate. This is how it’s done. So if she holds, in another 4 years after that, she could become the new Liberal in her own right. It will be then that she moves to the lower house to serve as PM.

      Now back to Cory…he’s doing the same thing, but he’s starting back from where Hanson was at 5 years ago. The danger about Cory is he is so well connected and financial backed, so he can build faster and get better quality candidates. Unfortunately the image of Liberal is so tainted now, drawing from that pool can be toxic to his party. Then theres the electorate and the coming financial forecasts and the big tidal waves of tough times coming for us as a nation. Whoever takes over will either be a bloody idiot, who can’t see the disaster coming, like Malcolm hehe. Or a sociopathic parasite, who’s in it for what they can grab and let us all drown, or we will get our messiah.. the one who truely cares, our hero.

      As i said there will be three waves. Only on the 3rd will we get our final choice. We will be saved and ride to glory or we will drown and be crushed. The first wave is the One Nation revolt we are ssing now, the 2nd will come soon and be fought for in the Federal elections. The third will come about 3 years after that, that’s the biggy that settles it all, once and for all. One things for sure, Lib/Lab will be hacked apart by then. They’re reign is over.

      Hope that helps Vince. Vote with your heart, and get on line and support the cause. Those waves don’t happen all by themselves. 😉


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