Fair Work Commission Announces Sunday Pay Cuts

So the past 24 hours for those in the hospitality industry has been one of frustration and anger directed towards the Fair Work Commission who decided to cut Sunday penalty rates. 

We’ve seen both sides of Government and the Unions come out and talk about the decision. We have seen Brendan O’Connor and Bill Shorten with one now very well known Coles employee have a press conference and claim that he was going to be affected by the pay cut. But alas, the company he works for contacted the ABC and allowed Coles not to be dragged into the mess and inadvertently caused Labor to look like the bunch of fools we already knew that they were. 

But here’s a perspective that doesn’t seem to want to be published. I am a bar worker. I have worked in this pub since December last year and I am paid a big enough wage, that given enough shifts, I can afford to live every week. Yes my life revolves around the shifts I have. It revolves around the small amount of money I get paid on a weekly basis. I am one of the lucky ones though, I pay rent to my boyfriend who then pays our landlord. If I can’t afford rent for the week, I pay as much as I can and then my boyfriend pays the rest. 

Even though I am paid a measly $22.00 per hour to go to work, I know my boss is a small business owner. I know the challenges that small business owners go through. In the small town where I live, I have seen 3 shops close down in the past 4 months. Some of those spaces have not been filled. I know that they have got bills to pay, food to put on the table for the bistro and a bottleshop to run on top of all of that. 

While I wish that the Fair Work Commission did not cut my Sunday pay, I would rather take the percentage pay cut and keep my job, then allow my boss to then run in the negative and lose his business. At the end of the day, we are lead by a somewhat conservative government who claims to care about small business. So while everyone else is up in arms about their pay cut, I’ll keep my mouth shut and support them. Small business makes our country towns, it makes our cities and it sure does make our country into what it is today. 


You call us “Far-Right, White Supremacists, Sexists, Bigots, Islamophobes” they’re meaningless words

As you’ve probably seen over the last 2 days, a petition we wrote up last week was picked up by The Daily Mail and thus went viral. At the time my petition crossed paths with Daily Mail writer Stephen Johnson the petition had amassed 10,000 signatures while the petition we were countering had barely cracked 2000. As the day went on and media outlet after media outlet displayed their disgust at our lack of Islamotolerance it seemed that many Australians were equally fed up with this one-sided relationship the Australian people have found themselves in with our media, and by this morning the petition had skyrocketed to over 24,000 signatures – more than 10 times the number the original petition had collected.

You can view and sign our petition here “ABC to publicly condemn and fire Yassmin Abdel-Magied over Pro Sharia Law comments”

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White Supremacist? ..But I’m an Arab!

With ALTCON being in the spotlight as of late, I cannot help but feel compelled to say something in regards to how we as an organisation have been portrayed by mainstream media in this wonderful nation of ours.

Many labels such as “alt-right”, “far-right”, “right-wing”, and “white supremacist” have been pinned to us and I will not take that sitting down. For too long I have sat silently and pondered what to write and it was not easy to express myself. So here it goes!

I am not white. In fact, I am of Lebanese persuasion. Born and raised as a Maronite Catholic who grew up around Sunni and Shiite Lebanese kids. So there goes the whole “white supremacist” argument that the media have thrown at this site. I can tell you that in my dealings with Kurdish refugees here, it is blatantly obvious that ISIS have killed thousands of Muslims. Whilst we are anti ISIS, the team here at ALTCON are NOT anti Muslim, they are not anti Arab, nor are they anti gay. We are anti bull!

A bunch of battlers who are not bankrolled by special interest groups. We are normal people expressing our views on todays issues.

Are we angry with the ABC and their soft headedness? Yes!

Are we disgusted by the fact that Yassmin Abdel Magied was flown all over the Middle East on our tax dollar to conduct religious business? Damn straight!

Are we angry with the defending of shariah law? Yes! Why? Because look at the people who are fleeing from nations where said law is rampant. I know Iranian people who hate these fanatics who push religious laws. There are Lebanese Muslims who cannot stand fundamenalist nut jobs and their enablers. There are Syrians, Iraqis, Saudis, Egyptians, Algerians etc who are staunch Nationalists and there are more than the mainstream media would like to admit.

So if the media considers us anti Islamic, what would they call Muslims who go crazy at religious zealots?

I implore you, gentle reader, to think for yourself. Ask an actual Arab how they feel about Sharia Law. Ask an Iranian about fundamenalist regimes. Ask an Iraqi how they feel about these zealot sheikhs perverting their faith to suit their own agenda.

Then, label us whatever you think is justified..

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Triple M’s MG Fires up at Waleed Aly over his “Bogan” comment

Tonight social media has erupted after Triple M Sydney’s MG fired up at Waleed Aly over his “bogan” comments on The Project last night.

One comment we found was not only factual, but it was worth posting for you to read, posted by Toby Travalos.


Check out the video below


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The Mainstream Media can’t work out why they’ve lost the public’s trust.. WE CAN!


Wait! Isnt Slate a “fact-checker”?

Was Trump correct Philly?

HuffPo’s level of virtue signalling must be mentally draining on their staff.

Just sayin..

HuffPo again.. But im sure you knew they’d reappear.

CNN just cant hack it!

Racism because racism.

HuffPo Number 3.

Any ideas why NO ONE takes feminists seriously?

Tears matter if their from the right donor..

Sucks when the law works, doesnt it!

What were you saying?

But.. BUT!

But Slate isnt biased.. No not at all!

Gotta love CNN!

Stick to what you’re good at Philly.. What was that again?

C’mon.. As if we wouldnt finish with HuffPo!

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