Cut the “mental illness” excuses – Murder is Murder, Terrorism is Terrorism!

It seems today that to many in the media it matters not whether the innocent victims of a terrorist attack are Islamic or the attackers are Islamic, “mental illness” is the scapegoat.

There is a serious disconnect in the world when no longer are those responsible for mass-murder to blame for their atrocious acts, but their “mental health” or whether they were “bullied at school” is to blame..

Alexandre Bissonnette is accused of kiling six people in a terror attack in Canada. Picture: Splash NewsSource:Splash News Australia

A spade is a spade, a mass-murderer is a mass-murderer and when the intention of the murderer is to inflict terror into the hearts of those they oppose, it’s an act of terrorism!

Following the Quebec Mosque shooting there were numerous mixed reports surrounding the nationality, potential motives and religion of the attacker and in many accounts, attackers. see Media waits 10 hrs to publish Muslim names behind Quebec Mosque shooting, focuses on Trump slander instead.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s lackadaisical attitude towards border protection was to blame by those Canadians who are fed up with the influx of refugees they have received of late, and even before the release of the identity of the attacker Alexandre Bissonette many in the media and on the left of politics were quick to point their fingers in the direction of the President of the United States, Donald Trump for his “rhetoric towards immigration”.

Now the mental health of Alexandre is apparently to blame. see. Bullies called accused Quebec mosque shooter ‘ugly’ at school.

Hopefully in the coming days more will come to light in the way of this vile University students true motive. For now though it seems the catch cries of “white supremacist” and “mental illness” will be all that is on the tongues of the majority of those reporting on this tragedy.. Until atleast the next attack takes place and this one slides alongside The Bourke St massacre in history books as simply one of the many attacks that took place in the first quarter of 2017.

The damaged car after it was driven into a crowd in Melbourne’s Bourke St Mall. Picture: AAP/Julian SmithSource:AAP

For another take on mental illness, see. Mental Health from a Conservative Point of View.

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