Brendan O’Neill takes on Leftist Holocaust Dilutionists for comparing Trump to Hitler

On the 72nd anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz, numerous moral-highground preaching puppets have reiterated the well-used, pathetic claim that “Trump is literally Hitler”..

Brendan O’Neill has taken aim at these incessantly idiotic whingers in a recent Facebook post.

It’s interesting that once upon a time the only members of Western society who denied the Holocaust or made light of its devastation were members of the Islamic community. Now, arm-in-arm those who dwell in the fringes of the far-left seek to dilute the horror that was the Holocaust do they can compare it to political outcomes they didn’t find favourable, ie. Brexit, Trump, Hanson..

The Holocaust was one of the worst events in human history and possibly THE WORST event in modern human history. Here are a selection of photos depicting the horror that was Auschwitz as well as the relief after the liberation by the Red Army.

It’s important to not let political correctness and/or political differences further corrupt or dilute this tragedy!

Brendan O’Neill can be found on Facebook by following this link.

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