Julian Assange shuts down perennial piss-ant Waleed Aly with facts!

Here is a clip where Assange tells Waleed “I’m not a complete idiot”

Here is the full interview.


If you enjoy seeing the piss taken out of Waleed Aly you may also enjoy:

Dick Smith SCHOOLS Waleed Aly on Economics & Immigration. 


For more Julian Assange, check out his one on one interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity:

NEW INTERVIEW Julian Assange: “As we have been saying for the last few months, our source is NOT the Russian Govt”  

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1 Comment

  1. Waleed you are no where near as smart or honest as Julian Assange…he knows the truth and the facts….if you were even half as smart as Assange and a decent interviewer you would have known when to quit……stop while you are ahead, not that many of the public think you are as clever as YOU believe you are …the world is now changing for the better now thanks to the likes of Trump and others that will come into power, thanks to more and more ppl waking up…..just stop!!


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