“Women’s March” shows that more women hate equality than support it.

I’m curious…

Why is it that when a man chooses to walk away from a healthy child he is called a deadbeat but when a woman aborts one there is no issue?

Why is it acceptable for women to be able to stay at home and not work but it’s not alright not for a man?

Why is it an issue when Trump said, in a private conversation, that if you are rich and famous enough women will LET you grab them by the pussy but not an issue when Madonna offered blow jobs to anyone who voted liberal?

Why do people complain that chivalry is dead and not that femininity is dead?

Why is this thing today being called a “Women’s March” and not a political march?

How is it a women’s march when they uninvited women’s groups that have differing opinions?

This is not a women’s march, You do not speak for all women and you sure as hell don’t speak for me!

March against Trump, fine. It is your right… As stupid as it is for people to protest a legally elected official that the majority voted for.

If you want equality then stop acting like you are superior.

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