Bye Bye Baird – NSW Reshuffle in the Works

With a Ministerial reshuffle due in just a few weeks, speculation continues into what the new cabinet will look like. Premier Mike Baird and Deputy Premier John Barilaro look set to keep the current makeup with minimal changes.

Now that this Government has reached the two year mark, it is a good time to review how they have gone and what changes are set to occur.

After a 2016 riddled with controversy, Health Minister Jillian Skinner is set to keep her position in cabinet but be removed from the Health portfolio. Current Ministers Dominic Perrottet, Anthony Roberts and Mark Speakman are said to be at the top of the list to inherit the portfolio.

Conversations are continuing into whether or not to expand the cabinet from 22 to 23 Ministers to accomodate little known Upper House member Scot MacDonald.


Premier Mike Baird with Deputy Premier John Barilaro.


The Nationals are not without controversy with former Deputy Premier Troy Grant, Minister for Arts, Racing and Police set to stay in Cabinet but only keep the Police portfolio. Minister for Local Government Paul Toole is also set to keep his position in cabinet while it is unknown what Ministry he will receive.
Underperforming Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Early Childhood Education Leslie Williams is tipped to be asked to go and sit on the back benches, while Safe Schools advocate and Education Minister Adrian Piccoli is speculated to announce his retirement in March.

Well liked Minister for Roads Duncan Gay will be asked to stay on as Roads Minister on the condition that he step aside a year out from the 2019 election in which he is set to retire.

This Government spent the first year building the infrastructure that the community wanted but lost their way in 2016 with controversial policies costing the Government the seat of Orange.

Whether this reshuffle will bring about the much needed change in the State Government and get them back onto the path of winning is yet to be seen. If nothing has been learnt from the 2016 mistakes, I fear we may see a Labor Government in 2019.

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