How an Aussie’s ANZAC Spirit Saved the March

ANZAC Day marches across the country are a great opportunity for those who served in war in our history to stand proud as we all look on with eyes wide open in awe of what they’ve given up for us.

In our current terror climate, it is sad to see that some councils have found it necessary to cancel them due to an increase in costs. Blue Mountains City Council in NSW, is a prime example of this. They planned to take away many veterans one day to put the medals on and to keep the spirit of their mates alive.

The fact that there is an increase in cost to cover the chance of a terror attack means that it should be a wake up call for those who are in power, from all three levels, that there needs to be more done. We are letting these people into our country and allowing them to be radicalised in what is meant to be a free country is what makes this sad.

But there is a saving grace in this. Councillor Brendan Christie took to his Facebook page this morning to announce that the Council had backed down from its plan to cancel the marches.

Congratulations Brendan. You’ve stood up for so many who sacraficed their lives and families for us. Thank you for being the lone wolf in making this situation right.

Let our Veterans march. Let our Veterans be celebrated in the way they should be. We have stifled many parts of our speech, let’s not include this one on the list.

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