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Some extracts from my book “Who Will Lead Us? Australia’s Patriotic Revival” follow.

  1. Churchill: Leader and Patriot! I frequently refer to Winston Churchill. Why? He was an inspiring, entertaining orator, who stirred the courage of his nation and the British Empire until victory was sealed. He was an indisputable leader and a patriot’s Patriot whose leadership rescued his country and western freedom when politicians could do nothing. Experience, wisdom, strength, wit and great far-reaching insight! Patriots and historians love him! He was fearless, like a father defending and coaching his vulnerable child to a costly victory! He was a leader’s leader! He fought off apologists, politicians and appeasers to demonstrate the power of Patriotic leadership. If you’re a Patriot, he’s worth studying!


When the circumstances of war demanded decisive action the politicians got out of the way! Then Churchill led! His vision and experience allowed him to correctly gauge his enemy, his need for allies, and to secure their support. His inspirational speeches conveyed his courageous determination and saved his nation and his people!


Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) also knew the consequences of failing to seize the day. His leadership in dealing with Wall Street banks during the Great Depression moved a visitor soon after his Inauguration to tell him, “Mr. President, if your program succeeds, you’ll be the greatest president in American history. If it fails, you will be the worst one.” …  “If it fails,” the new President replied, “I’ll be the last one.”

Great leadership can save Australia too! … No doubt at all!

  1. Misguided Loyalty. Why do Australians feel like they ‘owe political parties loyalty’? It is insane! You owe this country your support of a true leader! You identify an office-bearer by their position. You tell a leader by their conduct of affairs, their performance and their results and achievements with people! Australia’s soaring national debt, collapsing opportunity, industry and export, foreign investors taking over, rural Australian economy and lifestyle under siege, multiculturalism and terrorism threatening our national security, lawyers and legislation redefining truth and Australian freedom, China, USA and Islam dictating terms … tells you about our past and present ‘leaders’. Private enterprise and employment are failing and foreign. Families are disintegrating, cost of living sky-rocketing, taxes climbing and superannuation falling while politicians’ pensions and entitlements increase: all evidence that we have not had a real leader for decades! No more!
  1. Australia needs a united Patriotic Democratic movement soon! Whether as leader or supporter, it needs YOU! But you must know what a leader is. Find one, help one develop and support one! Also, acknowledge and respect other leaders! Australia must develop and promote real leaders! They are not common people. This does not mean they are elite, unfriendly or aloof! Leadership is a gift backed by particular character traits and abilities to achieve goals, progress and vision. Whatever the reason, leaders achieve great purposes; typically in service of their people or their nation! They are usually courageous. We need leaders! We need a culture that promotes and supports them! Real leadership is something new for Australia; worth fighting for and supporting! It’s our only hope!

  1. Australia’s greatest leader? General Sir John Monash clearly had great leadership … and great resistance. As a warning to us today, few Australians know much about Monash’s achievements because the then Australian leadership, the British and Australian media and historians despised him. He was ‘tolerated’ because of what he achieved and because of his loyal supporters. He successfully led 200,000 men in war!
  1. Leaders emerge. Political hierarchies and even whole societies may oppose gifted leaders. Some may never emerge.For others, circumstances and their own actions or supporters promote them even against established opposition. Patience, tolerance, determination, analytical skills and influence are developed under resistance. Churchill is a perfect example. Complacency is sometimes interrupted by someone with enthusiasm and a vision for something better. In times of growth and productivity, great leaders have been those who have steered popular movements, respecting others and promoting effort and unity.
  2. Australians have become so familiar with control through ‘politics’ and media sedation, they’ve forgotten what liberating, unifying, productive leadership is! Mateship has almost disappeared. It’s every man for himself! We’re all just surviving! Each to his own! Wake up Australia! This is a leadership issue, and it has to change!

I believe it is time Australia had a truly talented and inspired leader to lead Australia where it should have been going for the past forty or more years! The fantasy globalist tour has to end, and the real journey begin. Australia and its people are a resilient, resourceful and sensible type, and we deserve a great leader … an outstanding leader! The people may never be more ready; but find us the right leader!

In Conclusion, here’s a challenging thought: “Are you a leader? Do you know a gifted leader?” There’s always preparation for leadership … and I don’t mean getting a degree in political science! I mean in the school of real life! In the end it’s about having the character behind the ability! It’s also about having the right people around you. You can be a great supporter! I mean a leader in any field! Help us make sure Australia gets the leaders we need and deserve.

When you find that person or team, choose your time and tell the media. They’d love to know!

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