Want to Become a Citizen? Integrate! – Dutton Suggests changes to the Citizenship Process

Recently during a radio interview immigration minister Peter Dutton has suggested opening debate with regards to our current citizenship test while speaking on radio station 3AW.

Instead of answering the basic questions about Australia’s political structure, parliament, election and perfunctory duties of a citizen, Australian citizenship aspirants may now have to deal with a more specific test that reportedly aims to examine whether they have integrated with the Australian way of life and the social values.

“We need to see whether people are abiding by Australian laws, whether they are educating their children, if they are able-bodied and of working age, whether or not they are engaged in work or whether they have had a long period of time on welfare,” he told host Neil Mitchell

“At the moment, the test is dictated essentially by questions around Australian trivia, if you like,” he said. “And my view is that we could look at a test that would more embrace Australian values.”

Mr Dutton has previously said that there is definitely room to improve on the current system

He said “we need to look at whether we have the right test in place for future migrants coming to Australia.”

“The question we face is whether or not we have the right test, the right questions … whether or not people know Don Bradman’s batting average is a true test of whether or not somebody shares an Australian value, The vast majority of people come here and do the right thing… but there is a minority that are on a path way to citizenship who we need to have a closer look at in my judgement,”

It has been suggested that a new test would include questions like:

  • “Have you broken the law?”
  • “Are your kids enrolled in school?”
  • “Have you found employment?”
  • “Is your spouse enrolled in English-language lessons?

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