NEW INTERVIEW Julian Assange: “As we have been saying for the last few months, our source is NOT the Russian Govt”

Julian Assange | Sean Hannity

Speaking one on one with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, Julian Assange has stated:

“Our source is NOT the Russian Government, as we have been saying for the last few months!”

In the history of Wikileaks, Assange has NEVER released false information, why would he lie now and ruin the credibility of Wikileaks?

The DNC have not disputed the information that was leaked from the emails that has been proven they are criminals, why would listen to a word that they say now?

 Below Carlson Tucker discusses the new Assange interview while we wait for the full interview to be released later on today.

The facts are that the bought mainstream media will tell you anything they want as long as it keeps their agenda going! Russia did “hack” the election and Russia weren’t blowing up cars in Iraq that killed civilians.

We have footage that shows the mainstream media are lying and faking bombings in the Middle East to blame Russia. see. Mainstream media faking car bombings.

Below is the full interview between Assange and Hannity

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