Don’t let the media choose our leader! (Part 2 of a 3-Part Series)

If you havent yet, read part 1 of our “Don’t let the media choose our leader!” series.

What the hell do you mean, “We need real patriotic leaders, not politicians!”?

Vladimir Putin has been voted world’s most-powerful leader for the past three years. He is not a big man, but his towering ex-military friend says, “He’s got leadership!’ Another said, ‘He’s like a father!’ He is a patriot leader for Russia; meaning he loves and serves his country and his people above all others. He is loyal to his allies, even against great oppression.
*Leadership traits include: vision, loyalty, commitment, principle, action, communication skills, planning skills, team-building skills, consulting skills, motivation skills, problem-solving skills, accountability, decisiveness, creativity, resolve, passion, wisdom and humility. Leaders are role-models before and during their term in office. In hindsight, renowned leaders leave a lasting legacy! On top of all this: The goal and mark of all great leaders is their ability to unite their people. Nelson Mandela.

Trump-3_thumb1     Mandela-5_thumb1

* Many great leaders have been very reluctant to lead. I have never heard Pauline Hanson say she wanted to lead Australia. She seems devoted to serving. Donald Trump announced publicly several times that he would rather not lead America; but he hated what was happening to his country. I think he’ll be great!

* Many disastrous ‘leaders’ have spent their lives manipulating and scheming to lead. They will do anything to get their way! They have been controllers and appeasers; not leaders. So, Australia is on the brink! We must resist the efforts of the ambitious! We need to find leaders with true leadership traits: loyalty to Australia and its people. Yes, leaders’! They will select the best for the top job, because Australia will come before their personal ambition. Australia is a democracy. We the people must also have our say!

Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Vladimir Putin: Certainly leaders … Capital “L”!   … and certainly NOT Appeasers!
‘There is no such thing as public opinion: only published opinion.’ Winston Churchill.

* Go to researched and proven leadership principles and character traits … or the Australian media will tell you who will lead you! And believe me: you do not want that, if you love Australia! Donald Trump and his followers told the media who would be USA’s leader, and the media is still arguing! Whether you like Trump or not; that is the fact! Ask yourself why you even got involved when Australia has so many problems for you to deal with! Yes: the media! Think and act for yourself … with a well-based plan! We have nearly three years to tell the media what we want! Yet there is not a moment to lose! Where are the real leaders? How will you support them?

In times of great difficulty, great leaders tend to rise from obscurity. It is happening now in Australia. Let me name a few without commenting on their merit as a national leader at all: Kirralie Smith, Denise Robertson, Bernard Gaynor, Jim Savage, Danny Nalliah, Tony Moore, Kim Vuga, Cory Bernardi, Blair Cottrell, George Christiansen, Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Roberts, Nick Folkes. There are probably hundreds more, and this list may not include the best of them! Leaders have been hiding or dormant, for good reason. We must find them, and not run after the first the media forces on us! We need to present our best leaders to Australia; not the reverse! Choose them on principle; not grin, charisma, backing or bank balance! This is us earning our democracy! So let’s spend the next few short years earning it! It’s not ‘their’ country; it’s ours!

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