DON’T LET THE MEDIA CHOOSE OUR LEADER! (Part 1 in a 3-Part Series)

The media has chosen our leaders for us for fifty years, and Australia is a failing disaster.

But we’re doing it again!!! OH? How so? How do you choose a leader? What is a leader? How do we take back leadership control of our country? 

How do we choose a great leadership to save Australia: to restore our future?

This is a wake-up call to 24 million Australians! This is not a criticism of obvious leadership candidates like Cory Bernardi; though I have my reservations. The next Federal election is almost three years away, yet there is a growing excitement about Cory Bernardi splitting from the Liberals, financed by Gina Reinhart, and forming a new ‘Conservative’ party. I respond with this warning: There is no need for devoted Australians to get too excited yet! Bernardi’s move may be vital for him, for Gina, and for the Liberal old-school; but it is not that important for Australia! 

What is important for Australia is that ‘we’ take responsibility for our contribution to the demise of Australia under leaders we elected and supported for the past forty-plus years … and never make these errors again! (That’s why you need to read my books!) ‘We’ need to assess this reality, and get it right before our 2019 election!

The return of Pauline Hanson and her allies to the Australian Senate has created the greatest sensation in Australian parliament in twenty years; perhaps forty; perhaps sixty! She and her colleagues have been a revelation to many Australians. The swing of support to Pauline Hanson has been utterly alarming for the entrenched Liberals, Labour and Greens. Yet it is very early days! 2017 will be an interesting year for her and Australia; to say the very lest! 24 million concerned Australians and patriots need to make 2017 count too! Getting excited about Cori Bernardi right now is a distraction from the soul-searching we should be doing! It’s far too convenient! We have barely escaped the sword of Australia’s destruction yet; and nobody should be too sure we have at all! 

The time between now and election 2019 could be the most important period in our settled history! At the end of this less than three years, we will elect the government that will see the end of true Australia, or will save and restore Australia!

Who do we have to lead? Do we have anyone? Who should we choose?

Through 2017, we need to mature, support our parliamentary representatives, and hope they can hold out for Australia, while we do the same ‘on the outside’! That is: fight like hell for answers, for unity, for the right ideas on leadership and for the resources and commitment required to win! In less than three years, ‘they’ won’t elect the most important leadership team in Australia’s history. We will! If that’s not sobering; you’re far too excited far too early! This is not the movies! This is our lives and future! With the media sedating us, Australia has gone down so quickly under leadership we’ve tolerated, or worse! How do we turn it around?

LAND WITHOUT A LEADER! The greatest revelation I had in 2016, caused me to re-write my second book! My eighty-four year-old friend was a truly effective leader. I’ve seen the evidence and the legacy he left! He made something great and lasting out of almost nothing! He announced, “Australia has never had a leader!” 

When asked, he said, “Chifley did what he needed to do; but we’ve never had a leader! Australia is a great country, but it could be so much better. It is so sad!” That’s the standard I’m talking about! The type of leader we may never have had: creative, determined, visionary, genuine, loyal, patriotic, productive leadership! Leadership that changes the culture and course of history and leaves an admirable, lasting national legacy! That’s what Australia needs now! Politicians don’t do that.

Not all presenting ‘leaders’ are leaders! We need real leaders; not the ones served to us on a platter! We need to leave the TV and go out hunting! We need to change!

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Guest Author Disclaimer 

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