Cut the “mental illness” excuses – Murder is Murder, Terrorism is Terrorism!

It seems today that to many in the media it matters not whether the innocent victims of a terrorist attack are Islamic or the attackers are Islamic, “mental illness” is the scapegoat.

There is a serious disconnect in the world when no longer are those responsible for mass-murder to blame for their atrocious acts, but their “mental health” or whether they were “bullied at school” is to blame..

Alexandre Bissonnette is accused of kiling six people in a terror attack in Canada. Picture: Splash NewsSource:Splash News Australia

A spade is a spade, a mass-murderer is a mass-murderer and when the intention of the murderer is to inflict terror into the hearts of those they oppose, it’s an act of terrorism!

Following the Quebec Mosque shooting there were numerous mixed reports surrounding the nationality, potential motives and religion of the attacker and in many accounts, attackers. see Media waits 10 hrs to publish Muslim names behind Quebec Mosque shooting, focuses on Trump slander instead.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s lackadaisical attitude towards border protection was to blame by those Canadians who are fed up with the influx of refugees they have received of late, and even before the release of the identity of the attacker Alexandre Bissonette many in the media and on the left of politics were quick to point their fingers in the direction of the President of the United States, Donald Trump for his “rhetoric towards immigration”.

Now the mental health of Alexandre is apparently to blame. see. Bullies called accused Quebec mosque shooter ‘ugly’ at school.

Hopefully in the coming days more will come to light in the way of this vile University students true motive. For now though it seems the catch cries of “white supremacist” and “mental illness” will be all that is on the tongues of the majority of those reporting on this tragedy.. Until atleast the next attack takes place and this one slides alongside The Bourke St massacre in history books as simply one of the many attacks that took place in the first quarter of 2017.

The damaged car after it was driven into a crowd in Melbourne’s Bourke St Mall. Picture: AAP/Julian SmithSource:AAP

For another take on mental illness, see. Mental Health from a Conservative Point of View.

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ATTN: Greens MP Sarah Hanson-Young, Listen up you self-serving sycophant!

The Australian people are fed up with your bullshit! Allow me to dissect your pathetic attempt at moral-high grounding to fill your fanatics with the warm fuzzy feelings they crave!


First off we all know that you could give 2 goddamn shit’s about these two oppressed little girls and you are simply pandering to the partisan, piss-ant, plant-based diet, parasitic patrons of your pathetic politics!

Secondly you state that:

“meeting the two gorgeous young girls whose faces on an Australia Day billboard”

So I guess even you can acknowledge that the girls weren’t featured, just their faces and the oppressive garb their parents forced them to wear for either political purposes, or to oppress them as those in their community find these 2 innocent children to be sexually appealing.

Addressing the reason that these 2 little girls are being forced to cover up in a country that does not support the oppression of women does not make us racist or sexist, quite the contrary! We, unlike you, believe that regardless of where these little girls have come from, they deserve the same rights as any child in this country and should not be forced to cover up “their shame of being a woman”…

Thirdly you go on to dribble that:

“what it means to be Australian; Respect for one another, sharing common values and standing up when others need help”

Well yes, precisely! Which is at heart the reason why the majority of Australians find you, your politics, your political party, these political stunts and the Islamic religous texts and teachings to be abhorrently appalling!

“Respect for one another”

Is something the Islamic faith not only fails to preach, but in fact preaches the opposite: with women being forced to segregate and cover up for fear of beatings or worse (if in Islamic countries stoning to death)! Whilst the Islamic faith and the Australian Islamic communities continue to segregate women, subjugate gays and oppress children as the only means of controlling their paedophilic sexuality, we the Australian people will not respect them, RESPECT IS EARNED, NOT GIVEN!

“Sharing common values”

Is what made Australia great! As a multi-ethnic society we have been enriched by the immigration that came to our country and brought people from all across the globe throughout the 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s. People that came here to become Australian. People that wanted to be Australian and have a better life. People that embraced Australian culture and are now the embodiment of the Aussie spirit!

Your love affair with Islam has blinded you to the fact that a rather large number of Islamic immigrants choose to not share the same common values, in fact quite the opposite, they find our equality of the sexes and equality of sexuality to be vile and beyond reproach!

“Standing up when others need help”

Is exactly what Australians of all races and creeds have had to do on multiple occasions following Islamic attacks on innocent lives! The Australian culture is alive and well in the hearts of all true Aussies and has been on full display in the face of radical Islamic terror, terror which you seem perfectly fine importing into our once-peaceful country! see. Greens back rise in refugee intake to 50,000

Photo courtesy of The Daily Telegraph – Minto Resident’s Sivei Ah Chong and his son Derek knew what to do last year when faced with Islamic terror! Instinct would override safety and heroes would be created.

I almost wish that those were the only ridiculous quotes that your moronic brain thought up when you decided to upload that photo and statement yesterday, but alas:

“I told them I was so proud of the Australia they represent”

Which Australia is that? The Australia that has of late been riddled with Islamic terror attacks and AFP foiled Islamic terror plots? Or simply an Australia where women, gays and children are not equal to men? Do you really support a country who’s values are replaced with misogyny and homophobia?

See any of the articles below to read more about the:

“multicultural community that enriches our nation”

“Trump’s policies have no place in Australia”

I.. I.. Uh.. REALLY? 

I understand that you’re longing for a globalist government lead by your puppet master George Soros, but have no fear Senator, we aren’t there yet and contrary to your clear lack of understanding about politics, when the US President signs an executive order in relation to immigration to the United States of America, it only holds power over the states that make up “The United States of America”, of which Australia is not.. But I wouldn’t expect you to fully grasp a concept as indepth and difficult as this!

By the way Senator, President Trump’s executive order that bans Muslims, ONLY BANS THEM FROM THE COUNTRIES AT WAR WITH THE US, there is no ban in place for citizens of the 5 most populated Islamic countries countries, this is a ban related to War, not ideological beliefs.

Last but not least you finished with an anecdote about love and peace:

“Hate is a disease of the heart, the antidote is love, care and empathy – all values of humanity, regardless of race or religion.”

I, like many other red-blooded Australians truly hope that you’re right! But.. I think to test out your theory we need to transform your words into actions. I’ve gone ahead and begun the necessary actions to book you a one-way flight to Damascus, Syrian Arab Rep. – Damascus International Airport.

Unlike you, I’m aware that a return flight would be a waste of funds as you would not be returning from your trip of love.. I believe the taxpayers would overall be accepting of you flying first class though, as even a piss-ant such as yourself should have one last moment of happiness.


Now Senator Hanson-Young, if you happen to stumble upon this article, please don’t hesitate to visit my Contact Us page and we can further discuss your potential trip or any of the nonsense you carried on with in your attempt at grandstanding your tolerance of a barbaric culture.

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Brendan O’Neill takes on Leftist Holocaust Dilutionists for comparing Trump to Hitler

On the 72nd anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz, numerous moral-highground preaching puppets have reiterated the well-used, pathetic claim that “Trump is literally Hitler”..

Brendan O’Neill has taken aim at these incessantly idiotic whingers in a recent Facebook post.

It’s interesting that once upon a time the only members of Western society who denied the Holocaust or made light of its devastation were members of the Islamic community. Now, arm-in-arm those who dwell in the fringes of the far-left seek to dilute the horror that was the Holocaust do they can compare it to political outcomes they didn’t find favourable, ie. Brexit, Trump, Hanson..

The Holocaust was one of the worst events in human history and possibly THE WORST event in modern human history. Here are a selection of photos depicting the horror that was Auschwitz as well as the relief after the liberation by the Red Army.

It’s important to not let political correctness and/or political differences further corrupt or dilute this tragedy!

Brendan O’Neill can be found on Facebook by following this link.

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January 26th – NT Aboriginal Leaders Common Sense and the TRUTH behind the Date.

With all the ridiculous talk coming out of the politically left mainstream media and the Aboriginal puppets that the agenda-driven found living in the inner cities and decided to use for their own political means, it’s interesting to see a refreshing dose of common sense that proves AUSTRALIANS WILL NOT BE DIVIDED!!

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price published this Facebook status following the numerous politically motivated flag-burning protests that took place across Australia’s capital cities during what should have been Australia Day celebrations:

“I keep hearing that Aboriginal people want to change the date of Australia Day. Well what about the aboriginal people who don’t want to change the date? Do we not count because our opinion differs? And why aren’t these people as concerned about the aboriginal people affected by domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse? Why aren’t the marches for murdered Aboriginal women as big as the marches occurring today? 

Yes let’s learn about our past and our history but how is changing the date going to do a thing for the aboriginal women dying at the hands of aboriginal men, the aboriginal children who miss out on school and an education and the aboriginal children who are living in dysfunctional circumstances? I can bet you London to a brick they are not concerned with a date change. It is the aboriginal middle class who are concerned about date changes and those pushing the agenda come from privilege themselves in comparison to the aboriginal people who are the countries most marginalised. But let’s all make a huge deal out of this, an even bigger deal out of this than actually saving the lives of aboriginal people who are living among us now!

I’m pretty sure if we are pressured enough to change the date then there will be something else for the Aboriginal middle class activists and guilt ridden white fellas to be offended about. After all has saying ‘sorry’ stopped domestic violence and dysfunction? Has saying ‘sorry’ saved an Aboriginal life? I know it did absolutely nothing for me but most token symbolism does very little for me because in my opinion only hard work, responsibility and real action can make real change.

The future is far more important to me than our past. Our future is where we should be focussed so that the most marginalised Aboriginal people of this country whose first language is usually not English, who do not have access to media, whose lives are affected at alarming rates by family violence can have the same opportunities as those who claim to feel pain because a country celebrates how lucky we are on a date that marks the arrival of the first fleet.

People want to call it a day of mourning. Well us Aboriginal people have become professional mourners. We are constantly in a state of mourning it seems. So why do we want to stay in such a state I ask? What do we have to benefit from being in a constant state of mourning? Mourning does not give us freedom, it imprisons us and I have had enough. I bury my family far too regularly and that is all the mourning I can handle. 

I want for everyone in this country to have opportunity, I want to pull my people out of the crippling state of mourning and I don’t want anyone to feel guilty or bad for feeling joy and celebrating a country we love!

The future is ours to make the best of and this will only be done if we do it together!”

Many people are unaware of the reason that “Australia Day” is celebrated on the 26th January each year, here is a quick run down:

On 21 January 1788, after arriving at Botany Bay, Governor Arthur Phillip took a longboat and two cutters up the coast to examine Cook’s Port Jackson. Phillip first stayed over night at Camp Cove, then moved down the harbour, landing at Sydney Cove and then Manly Cove before returning to Botany Bay on the afternoon of 24 January. Phillip returned to Sydney Cove in HM Armed Tender Supply on 26 January 1788, where he established the first colony in Australia, later to become the city of Sydney.

This .gif shows the border changes that took place from the 26th January 1788 to Present Day.

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