Australia’s PC Christmas messages “celebrate diversity” and “have a safe and happy summer” 

It’s about damn time we had a leader who would urge the “minority groups” who NEED Australia to CELEBRATE OUR CULTURE.

These “minorities” need to be informed that Australia doesn’t need them, they need us!

Credit where it’s due, atleast Turnbull uttered the words Christmas and delivered an overall positive message:

“We also remember those who find Christmas difficult – the lonely, the poor, the sick and those who are away from their families. Reach out to them if you can.”
Compare that to Bill (Once accused of raping a woman) Shorten who sat beside his wife to deliver their “Christmas message”.. except it wasn’t a Christmas message delivered by the Labor leader!

Instead, Little Billy wished us a politically correct “safe and happy summer”… And he wants to lead this great county?

But you can see from the editing in Tony Abbott’s 2014 Christmas message how the left react and smear a leader who actually celebrates Christmas and Australian culture.

Below are the Christmas messages via Twitter from a selection of political leaders or soon to be leaders who put the positivity of Christmas before PC culture and moral grandstanding!



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