Will Cory Bernardi lead the Australian Majority to victory?

This morning The Australian broke News that “Conservative Firebrand” Cory Bernardi has registered a new Australian political group called Australian Majority, registered a logo and registered the 2 domain names for Australian Majority, http://www.am.org.au and http://www.australianmajority.com.au

It’s come to light that the name Australian Majority was registered as a trademark last year by a company owned by Mr and Mrs Bernardi.

From The Australian

It is unclear whether the senator intends to use the new group as a conservative political activist group to rival left-wing GetUp!, or whether Australian Majority is the foundation for a new mainstream political party.

Senator Bernardi has remained tight-lipped about his plans for next year, but in further signs the Australian Majority group may be poised to become a political party, the website uses software popular with formal election campaigning — including the Brexit and Trump movements — called NationBuilder.

The technology, which is also used by many political candidates in the US, is known as a “community organising system”, which goes beyond a traditional website, integrating Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and is also a powerful tool for distributing campaign information.

This news comes in the wake of this week’s earlier story involving Bernardi, Christensen and media speculation.wp-1482532884099.jpg

Key points from the ABC’s article were:

  • George Christensen wants Government to “deliver” for conservative voters
  • Says the Coalition risks losing supporters to parties like One Nation
  • MP says concerns shared by Senator Cory Bernardi

The left choose to use unflattering photos when writing about conservatives as they did in this ABC article. Unfortunately for the likes of the ABC, common sense lives on the right of politics and we’re perfectly fine with unflattering photos as we own intelligent policies! (Whilst the mainstream media is bought, that’s a trade off the right are willing to take part in!)

Bernardi’s following is anything but quiet, there is even a group on Facebook calling for him to become Prime Minister.

One begins to wonder about the rumours of a futher possible 15 sitting MP’s who have privately stated interest in branching off and forming a true Australian Conservative Party. Cory has held influence for some time and has been a beacon for conservative ideas. It’s likely that following a power move such as this we will see the smaller conservative parties such as the Australian Liberty Alliance, Rise Up and Australia First be in talks with Bernardi, putting egos and individual parties aside for the greater good.

Power comes from numbers and for far too long the conservative right of Australian politics has been spread thin! Whether this will aid in fixing the problem and bring together the minor parties, or simply spread the vote across The Coalition, One Nation and Australian Majority is yet to be known.

The following are links to Cory Bernardi related websites:

Australian Conservatives

Conservative Leadership Foundation




  1. Make that little triangle in the Altcon logo a little bigger and what do you get? With a logo like this people are going to look at the money and where it’s coming from. Same place as the ALA maybe?


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