“Left Renewal” hard-left Greens promise to fight Police and Capitalism

A new socialist movement dubbed the “Left Renewal” are a hard left Socialist/Communist Australian movement who have openly stated their plans to “bring about the end of capitalism” whilst describing themselves as “advocates for peace” who “reject the authority of the police”.

This is the groups Facebook cover photo 

Their “Statement of Principles” revealed the following:

A rejection of class antagonism, and capitalism, also depends on a rejection of the state’s legitimacy and the right of it, and its apparatuses, to impose oppression upon the working class,”

“We further rejected state- mediated oppression in all of its forms, and recognise that violent apparatuses like the police do not share an interest with the working class.”

Here are is a selection of comments by the group and their supporters on their Facebook page.

The group has been formed around federal NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon and NSW MP David Shoebridge, pictured below:

And below is a picture shared by Shoebridge who clearly believes its acceptable for motorists to potentially be under the influence whilst operating a motor vehicle.

Left Renewal Facebook Page

David Shoebridge Facebook Page

Lee Rhiannon Facebook Page

You may also be interested in reading an email we recently received which shows The Greens spamming One Nation supporters with Hate Mail.


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