Miley Cyrus sexualising babies in disgusting new video

Miley Cyrus isn’t known for her professional behaviour or for keeping away from the media.

But even for the depravity that is Miley, this is a NEW LOW!

The following pictures depict Miley’s sexualisation of babies in what can only be described as a desperate plea for attention!

At what point did these leftist celebrities completely throw away what was left of their morality?

Below is the film clip

Here is a selection of song titles from her new album

EW.Com stated

It’s a message that’s delivered loud and clear in the video for the half-monologue, half-vocal track off Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petzabout her annoyance with a guy whose baby talk is royally “creeping her out.”  So for the visuals, Miley royally creeps us out by dressing up like an infant—wearing a lavender baby bonnet, sucking suggestively on a pacifier and seemingly throwing a fit in her crib.”

“You could say it’s Miley taking the trend ofinfantilizing female pop stars to a jarring extreme — those pigtails and bored pout look sort of familiar, don’t they— or you could chalk it up to Miley just being, well, Miley. Either way, it’s wonderfully weird.”

“Wonderfully weird” IS NOT the way we would describe this! It’s about time we told Hollywood it’s time stop and think, even under the guise of “artistic expression”.. Is this really necessary? When young children turn on the tv to watch the Top 20 Countdown, is this the message you should be sending them?

It’s worth noting that this is all from the same self-righteous twat who tweeted this about Donald Trump

Final thought: Maybe it’s time we ALL start monitoring not only what they are teaching our children in public schools, but what they are indoctrinating them with via music!


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