Anti-Vaxxer = Pro-Moron

The science behind vaccinating a child is not a difference of opinion, it should not be a personal choice and it is definitely not you uncovering a conspiracy.

It is the unintelligible decision of the scientifically illiterate to stick their fingers in their ears and scream.
If you don’t jab for any reason other than serious medical repercussions (diagnosed by a competent doctor) then take your child to the nearest safe place and register as an unfit parent!

Also, for anyone who wants to argue that vaccinating doesn’t guarantee immunity, seat belts don’t guarantee survival in a car crash, but I sure wouldn’t choose not to buckle up my kids.

Here is a demonstration by Penn & Teller which shows in a very basic way what vaccines do.

Isnt it funny how if I would like to place my dog into a boarding kennel when I go on holidays, I have to prove that she is fully vaccinated to prevent the other animals from getting sick. However, to place my child in childcare, there is nothing! NOTHING to prevent them from contracting a deadly illness from a child whose parents are too pig headed to see that their “choices” can impact the lives of many others.

If Anti-Vaccine parents rode the magic school bus.

7 News Sydney posted this video which features a couple from Macarthur who’s baby daughter is battling a deadly dose of Whooping Cough.


Below is a Dead State comic that should help convey the message to anyone you may know who is still too dumb to understand.


Guest Author Disclaimer 

Whilst we allow our guest authors the courtesy of being uncensored, their individual views do not necessarily represent the views of the ALTCon News team.



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