Steve Price: The Voice of Reason!

Whether it’s Waleed Aly, Carrie Bickmore or any of the Feminazi’s that frequent The Project, Steve Price has put facts, morals and decency above all in his battle against leftie twats this year!

Following his year of battles against the PC brigade, Steve had this to say!

 “Just because I’m a white old man doesn’t mean that my voice has to be silenced,”… “Old white men have as much right to have a view as anyone else. The left seem to think that unless you’re from some lobby group or some feminist action group or an LGBTQI community spokesgroup then that’s the only people who are allowed to have a view about things. Well, that’s not true.”

Here you will see Steve expose the hypocrisy that is Van Badham plus watch a crowd of lefties gasp when calls her “Hysterical”

Next Steve defends his use of the word Hysterical in response to Waleed Aly’s criticism of how he dealt with the hysterical Van Badham.

In this video Steve explains to Jamila Rizvi why Trump won.

Here Steve clashes with The Projects resident Muslim, Waleed Aly and calls him out on his lack of regard for Australian democracy.

In this compilation Steve gets heated against Waleed Aly, Carrie Bickmore and then an oldie against Charlie Pickering.

Next up Steve explains why the Adani coal mine which will employ thousands of people and pump millions of dollars into our economy should be a priority over a species of garden skink (lizard).

If you enjoyed this article you may also enjoy Waleed Aly is a SLIMEY, SMUG-FACED JACKASS! and The Project once again showing PURE HYPOCRISY!

Our friends at Zero Filter have also published a video compiling some of Steve’s best moments!


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