Hanson’s progressive supporters sick of the SEXIST GREENS

SATIRE (Mostly…)

The misogynistic Greens HATE One Nation’s Pauline Hanson!

Drones of hardworking tradies, farmers and your average Joe Pay-Cheques cannot wait until the next election that they can vote in, be it state or federal! The reason being that they have a progressive desire to vote for their favourite candidate. 

A WOMAN by the name of Pauline Hanson. These Australians are disillusioned with Ms Hanson’s male counterparts such as Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten and Richard Di Natale who pretend to be progressive but in fact are the proud owners of testicles (although there is some debate on this topic!)

The Greens and the rest of the “Usual Suspects” have made it perfectly clear to the Australian public that they cannot compete with Ms Hanson’s progressive politics so instead they berate her about being a woman in typical sexist fashion!

This picture shows a crossdresser known as “Pauline Pantsdown” and Ms Hanson has been told that she would garner more respect in the Parliament if like Mr Pantsdown, she had testicles.. HOW SEXIST!


Ms Hanson doesnt let these kind of insults stop her though, and her party proudly stands behind her.

One Nation are the only progressive forward thinking party in the current Australian political climate and unlike the other parties, they dont make women fall into line or take a back seat!

Here you will see the One Nation senators standing confidently behind a powerful woman.


Now compare that to this image of the sexist Greens!


Note how displeased each of Richard Di Natale’s secretaries look as they are forced to stand behind him while he taunts Ms Hanson.

The Labor Party are no better! 


Above you will see Bill (Once accused of raping a woman) Shorten make the leaders of his home economics team sit and listen to him preach about all things manly such as male pattern baldness.

Just when you thought there couldnt be any more examples we have Malcolm Turnbull’s housekeeper giving him what can only be described as a look of contempt!


Pauline Hanson has proven herself time and time again to be the champion that women need in 2016! In an age where women are being stoned to death, forced to wear garbage bags as clothes and refused drivers licences it takes a brave woman to take a stand and that is exactly what she has done! It hasn’t been easy and the misogynistic Greens have made sure of that.

Di Natale’s pet project has been to try and infiltrate the Australian border with what can only be described as hordes of Islamic cult members whom he plans to send to Queensland to harass Ms Hanson on a daily basis!


You can see the horde members received Di Natale’s message about leaving their “second rate breeding partners” at home while they travel here to do his bidding!

The One Nation supporters are proud people and they will defend Ms Hanson’s right to represent them and their values even if it puts their own safety at risk!

In the video below you will see an encounter a young male Pauline Hanson supporter had with a brainwashed, sexist, Islamic female who disagreed with his right to vote for a woman.


Time and time again The Greens shock the Australian public with their blatant sexism and outright contempt for the will of the Australian public.

In the image below you will see the Greens walking out of parliament during Ms Hanson’s maiden speech because according to Di Natale “a women should neither be seen nor heard!” Once again you will note Di Natale forced his female subjects to trail behind him.


One Nation continues to rise in the polls which clearly shows a shift in voter mindsets and that a progressive worldview is taking shape in the minds of many!

The Greens have a long history of blatant sexism which can be shown quite simply through the use of numbers (numbers which Di Natale has referred to as “bigoted”)

Below you will note that in 2007 The Greens supporters were happy to vote for the major parties to due to their male leaders.


Yet when Julia Gillard lead The Labor Party the misogynistic Greens supporter base showed their aggression and voted against equality!


Worth noting is that it wasnt just the House of Reps that saw sexism rise, but the Senate aswell!


These numbers represent the pure hate and sexism rampant amongst The Greens supporter base. They revolted against Julia Gillard and the gaul the Australian people showed by electing her, and once they had a taste of power the voted in greater numbers in the 2011 election.

You might ask Where were the One Nation votes in these elections? Well they werent there, they didnt need to be. The progressive One Nation movement was laying dormant and was only needed once The Greens began to implement their hateful rhetoric on the Australian people.

In the 2016 election you can see One Nation gained 4 Senate seats.


It is the general consensus that the 4 seats One Nation gained were the seats lost when the progressives voters left The Labor Party in disarray after Bill (Once accused of raping a woman) Shorten stabbed Julia Gillard in the back and stole her party from her. They needed another woman to rally behind, another progressive mind who wished to bring equality back to the Australian people.

Pauline Hanson’s journey is far from over, there are many uphill sexist battles yet to fight and Di Natale will continue to throw obstacles in her path.. But we have faith! Faith in Ms Hanson and faith in the progressive movement that saw an Aussie woman who once owned a fish and chip shop rise to become the voice of the women of Australia.

Feature image courtesy of Ryan Fletcher (The XYZ) 


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