Eddie Obeid Sentenced to 5 years Jail

Disgraced former Labor minister Eddie Obeid has today been sentenced to 5 years jail with a 3 year non-parole period for misconduct while in public office. 

The sentencing occurred at the NSW Supreme Court where Justice Robert Beech-Jones condemned Obeid stating that he had lost the public’s trust by abusing his power as a Minister and backbencher. 

This sentence follows a court hearing in June, where a jury found him guilty of lobbying a public servant regarding the Circular Quay leases without providing notice of his family’s interest in the properties. 

Mr Obeid has a long standing history as being corrupt. He was ousted as being a key stakeholder in a mining licence granted during the Bob Carr days of NSW Politics, to the Upper Hunter. As well as questions being raised about the mysterious fires that engulfed his printing practices many years ago. 

The 73 year old has had some health issues this year but Justice Beech-Jones had no sympathy and sided with the Crown’s argument that full time custody of Mr Obeid was the only appropriate penalty for a man as corrupt as he. 


1 Comment

  1. No sympathy??

    He could be out in 3 years and this is a reflection of “no sympathy” from the judge?

    Proven to be corrupt as well as a compulsive liar.

    What a joke!!


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