Mental Health from a Conservative Point of View

Everywhere you go these days, there seems to be a large number of people with mental health issues. While the majority of those issues are very serious in nature, there are still a few people who exploit the issue and make it harder for those with serious issues to obtain the help they need. 

The left being the opportunists that they are, have managed to latch onto this issue and politicise it. They call for more money for different ideas but when it comes down to the raw facts they, like most of the rest of us, do not know what those facts are. 

I am a conservative who has lost a friend to suicide and who has dealt with mental health issues since 2009. I have been both at the lowest of lows and the highest of highs and now I do whatever needs to be done to help all my family, friends and strangers wherever I can. That’s more than what I can say for many in society. 

Every time I look at my twitter or I watch the news and a terrorist attack has occurred somewhere around the world, the report says that they were a “troubled” person who grew up in a low socio-economic area. Well I’m sorry, but without solid evidence of that having occurred, you’re looking at one very cynical author. The facts are while they might have been a “troubled” person, they still thought that it was the right thing to do. We see this occurring every day around the world in various countries. At what point are we going to recognise the significance of what the media portrays as a “poor person” compared to a disturbed person who is capable of anything including hurting thousands of people? 

Even here in Australia, we are neglecting the issue that affects almost everyone in every community. Concerns regarding mental health are not taken seriously, considering approximately one in five Australians experience a mental health issue every year, it continues to dumbfound me what our Governments (both State and Federal) could do to help the situation. Our Federal Government is currently undertaking a Senate enquiry into our returned defence personnel and the issues that they have when they return home from duty. But is this going to actually fix a problem that has seen more returned personnel die from suicide than the number of servicemen we lost in Afghanistan? One can only hope. We can also only hope that we are able to spread the ideas that are brought forward during the Senate enquiry, throughout the entire mental health arena and help everyone in need. 
It is about time that we stop the crap that the left and the media want to portray to us, and actually stand up for basic human rights in society. We are slowly getting there but without the bi-partisan support from within the political sphere, and the community more broadly, we will not be able to achieve a society that takes mental health concerns seriously and offers the correct support to those who need it. 


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