Mainstream Media bias on full display when it comes to Donald Trump!

Following Time Magazine’s decision to make Donald Trump 2016’s Person of the Year along with the label “President of the Divided States of America”, you could be fooled into believing the title was reserved for Dictators, Murderers and generally despicable people.

The title is given to those of great influence, good or bad! Yet unlike in years passed with Angela Merkel receiving the honour in 2015 or Barack Obama in both 2008 & 2012, the media has started off the basic narrative that Donald Trump joins the likes of Hitler and Stalin.

Now whilst Hitler and Stalin are also previous title holders, the comparison to those 2 men was withheld when Obama and Merkel were announced to the world.

The mainstream media have seemingly forgotten the reasons why Brexit won, why Trump won and why conservative parties are going to continue winning in what can only be described as a global shift away from PC Cultural Marxism.

Below are some examples..

This blatant smear piece by BuzzFeed names and “shames” previous Time “Man/Person of the Year” recipients and all but gives the illusion that only those whom we should categorise as despicable have ever received the title.

..They blantantly omit the entries of left-wing favourites such as Obama, Merkel, Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Bill Clinton.


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