Aboriginal “Traditional Hunting” of endangered marine life with modern technology ?


With a quick Google search, you can find the Australian Law Reform Commision website states that when it comes to “Traditional Hunting”, “It was the law, in the full customary sense, that linked the use of land and sea with the spiritual maintenance of that land and sea through ritual.[1461] Rituals to maintain the land and replenish the food supply were thus an important part of traditional life.”

When special sanctions are put in place to prevent the extinction of endangered marine life, they should be respected by all, and not just for the legal ramifications that may follow if the sanctions are not adhered to.

With identity politics growing steadily out of control its only seems natural for those who benefit from these politics to steadily play along and receive all the benefits that come with them. That said, if the purpose of these traditional exercises is to reconnect with ones spiritual past, wouldn’t that be better achieved though the traditional means?

The ALRC goes on to state, “885. Continued Importance of Traditional Hunting, Gathering and Fishing Rights. Aborigines have had to adapt to change and outside influence, including the payment of welfare benefits in cash and the introduction of rations and store-bought food. Nonetheless, especially in more remote areas, hunting, foraging and fishing continue to be of economic and ritual importance, despite the impact of commercial interests.[1475] In many cases hunting and fishing practices have incorporated new materials. Nylon fishing nets may have replaced those made of bush fibre, fencing wire may be converted into hooks for fishing spears, guns may very often replace spears, aluminium dinghies are used instead of dugouts, crowbars as digging sticks and car springs as adzes. Yet wooden digging sticks, traditional fishnets and traps, spears, harpoons and natural products such as bloodwood leaves for poisoning fish are still used.[1476] Aborigines have become accustomed to newly introduced species in their diet.”

Now it seems to this writerbigot, racist (that will best fit this narrative) that if “Aborigines have had to adapt to change and outside influence” that surely they coud adapt by embarking on their traditional hunts, whilst respecting the modern day sanctions put in place to prevent the extinction on endangered marine life!

Sure, enjoy your modern technology and definitely use it! ..but dont use it under the guise of “Traditional Hunting” to murder marine life that under normal circumstances would be off limits to all hunters!

Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion has defended traditional hunting at a graduation ceremony for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rangers in Cairns.

Matthew V. Peat Founder / Editor-In-Chief




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